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Trend Micro Discovers Apache Vulnerability that Allows One-Click Modification of Android Apps

We’ve discovered a vulnerability in the Apache Cordova app framework that allows attackers to modify the behavior of apps just by clicking a URL. The extent of the modifications can


Security and Privacy: Best Practices on Building a Chrome Extension

As Chrome continues to eat the marketshare of browsers, the security and privacy implications of Chrome extensions will become every more prominent. Chrome extensions can be powerful because they can


Mobile Banking Security Concerns on the Rise for Financial Institutions

It’s been almost a year since what some analysts consider the first successful major threat to mobile banking, known as Svpeng, hit the United States. Spreading via a text message


Businesses Need Help Securing Mobile Devices, Data

16% of respondents said none of the smartphones used by mobile workers were managed by IT, while 16% said 25% of their smartphones had oversight. Similarly, 20% said they managed

BYOD/Big Data

Mobile Security: Confidence Ebbs as BYOD Booms

Security risks have grown roughly in proportion to the meteoric growth in employee-owned mobile devices within the workplace. Meanwhile cyber-attacks are growing in sophistication and severity. According to data from


Hackers Target Users with “Facebook Account Recovery” Phishing Message

Researchers have spotted a shortened URL being shared by fake accounts within Facebook recently targeting users with phishing link. Hackers are sending a spam messages from a phony account

Industry Insights

Decoding APT 30, a decade long cyber espionage campaign against India and other countries

Conducting cyber espionage since at least 2004, APT 30 is one of the longest operating APT groups. The researchers believe that the campaign most likely serves the Chinese government’s needs


Ransomware Threat Drives Companies to Enforce Better Backup Habits

The threat of a ransomware infection encrypting valuable business data has convinced nearly a third of companies to change their backup strategy, with the majority of firms focusing on a


Chrome Lure Used in Facebook Attack despite Google’s New Policy

Just how effective is it for cybercriminals to keep using Google Chrome and Facebook to infect their victims with malware? We’ve already seen both platforms be used as parts of

Identity Theft

Breach detection: Five fatal flaws and how to avoid them

When the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was passed, it fell on corporate security teams to translate its requirements into technical controls. That threw the IT Security function into the deep