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How national infrastructure became top of the hacker hit-lists

The world of cybersecurity reached an ominous milestone late last December. As winter set on Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of homes were fiercely severed from the power grid, leaving many


Apple vows to raise security as FBI breaks into iPhone

Apple has vowed to increase the security of its products after the FBI bypassed the security of the San Bernardino gunman’s iPhone 5C with the help of a third party.

Industry Insights

US and Germany expand cyber cooperation –

The United States and Germany are taking a “whole-of-government” approach to their collaboration in cybersecurity, according to a joint statement released by the State Department after two days of talks.


Ransomware Forces Hospitals to Shut Down Network, Resort to Paper

A strain of ransomware has infected the computer systems of MedStar Health, a healthcare provider operates ten hospitals across the Washington DC and Baltimore region. The attack has resulted in


The 10 Most Important Security Controls Missing in JavaEE

JavaEE has some excellent built-in security mechanisms, but they don’t come close to covering all the threats that your applications will face. Many common attacks like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL

Identity Theft

Low-Cost Alternatives To Buying Identity Theft Protection Services –

Those services offer identity monitoring and repair — things you can do yourself, for free. Concern about identity theft has spawned many companies that watch information sources — most notably,


Social media is a goldmine for social engineering attacks

Hackers are using information on people in ‘sensitive roles’ they find on social media to organise ‘social engineering’ attacks against various businesses, a new study shows. According to a new

Industry Insights

Cyber security budgets falling behind threat landscape

The Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) has announced the findings from its 2016 member survey. With over 2,500 members working in security across a wide range of industries and roles,


FBI hack may raise questions about iPhone security

The FBI hack of an iPhone 5c running iOS 9 may have left the device just a little bit insecure in the eyes of some users, as the agency has


A ‘hundred million’ Truecaller users vulnerable to privacy bug, security bod says

Called ID app “Truecaller” has been called out for using IMEI and nothing else to identify users in its systems. The flaw, described by Cheetah Mobile’s security researchers here, has been