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Microsoft Doubles Down on Cybersecurity with Improvements to Windows Defender

Microsoft’s Windows Defender is getting a major retooling to improve its ability to combat malware. This week, 23,000 IT professionals are gathered at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Atlanta to

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Diversity in cyber security: how to close the gender gap – Information Age

UK businesses are under cyber-attack. A 2016 government report states that 65% of local businesses have been attacked in the last year, costing companies an average of £36,500 per security breach.

Identity Theft

M&A Due Diligence, Cyber Security, and the Massive Yahoo Data Breach – eSecurity Planet

Yahoo! Inc. recently announced that at least 500 million users’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, hashed passwords, and in some cases encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers were

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Punish companies for cyber security failures, directors say

Companies should face severe financial penalties if they fail to keep customers’ data safe, a majority of directors believe, amid a spate of cyber attacks on big businesses. Click here


Public safety threat: Cyber attacks targeting smart city services – Help Net Security

A new survey conducted by Dimensional Research assessed cyber security challenges associated with smart city technologies. Survey respondents included over 200 IT professionals working for state and local governments. Click


Companies say IoT matters but don’t agree how to secure it | CIO

A majority of enterprises say the internet of things is strategic to their business, but most still take a piecemeal approach to IoT security. Those results from a global IDC

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Security: survival of the fittest » Banking Technology

It seems nothing is truly safe in the world. The internet, newspapers and our TV screens constantly bleat about street crime or the world falling apart. It’s not a pretty

Identity Theft

Many Questions Still Unanswered After Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach : TECH : Tech Times

Yahoo has recently suffered a data breach in which the data of 500 million accounts were stolen. And while Yahoo voluntarily came out and admitted to what happened, the lack


IoT-based DDoS attacks on the rise – Help Net Security

Cybercriminal networks are increasingly taking advantage of lax Internet of Things device security to spread malware and create zombie networks, or botnets, unbeknownst to their device owners. Click here to

Industry Insights

New York Financial Regulators To Introduce Cyber-Security Rules

You knew this was coming. After a steady series of hackingdebacles, regulators are stepping in and ordering companies to tighten up. Soon companies in the financial sector — banks, brokerages,