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Sebi to beef up cyber security framework for markets | Business Standard News

To protect securities markets from cyber threats, regulatorSebi is looking to further beef up its policy framework on this front and plans to appoint a chief IT security officer to


7 Ways Cloud Alters The Security Equation

By now, the pitch for cloud-based services is familiar to anyone in IT: They’re cheaper, more efficient, and will free up in-house infosec professionals for more value-added tasks (yes, everyone’s

Identity Theft

How data breaches grew to massive proportions in 11 years – Washington Post

The Yahoo data breach on Thursday affected half a billion records, making it the largest on record. Such hacks can be devastating. Since 2005, they’ve grown to affect millions of

Industry Insights

How to Choose an Aggregation Platform: The Security Picture

To create innovative apps, you need access to robust and accurate financial data, which means you need to identify and partner with the best financial data aggregation provider possible. The


On-Premises & In The Cloud: Making Sense Of Your Cybersecurity Ecosystem

As enterprises continue to invest in hybrid cloud strategies, they need their fragmented security solutions to work together. Click here to view original web page at


Industry steps up on IoT cybersecurity — is it enough?

A consortium of some of the largest multinational corporations in the world has published a guide to help its members and other companies ensure cybersecurity is top of mind as more

Industry Insights

Cybersecurity accelerator gives startups the chance to work with GCHQ spy agency | ZDNet

Some of the UK’s top security startups are being invited to work with GCHQ in an effort to help protect the country from hackers and cyberattacks. The scheme forms part


Advisory Body Calls For Stronger Cybersecurity Measures Across Airline Industry

RCTA, a private not-for profit organization that develops recommendations for performance and operational standards for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), has reportedly called for new cyberscurity measures across the entire

Industry Insights

Good Cybersecurity Can Be Good Marketing

Recent research conducted by IBM among global boardroom and C-suite executives in 28 countries found that better cybersecurity is among their top technology priorities. But while CMOs “are key drivers of

BYOD/Big Data

Social Media and BYOD Are Biggest Internal Security Threats – Infosecurity Magazine

Access to social media and BYOD are the biggest internal security threats businesses face, while organized cybercrime is the greatest external threat, according to a new report from fraud specialists