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Industry Insights

The cyber security industry is losing the cyber war – Information Age

The last few days have summed up the current state of the cyber security industry. In a matter of days the European Commission was brought offline by a distributed denial

Industry Insights

‘Dronejackings’ and home hacking among top cyber security threats for 2017 – Mirror Online

You may have heard the horror stories about hackers hijacking connected cars and steering them off the road. Now security experts are warning that drones could be hacked and commandeered


Hackers offer a huge Mirai botnet as a DDoS-for-hire serviceSecurity Affairs

We have written a lot about the Mirai botnet after the clamorous attacks against the Dyn DNS service and the OVH hosting, it is a dangerous threat that was designed to target IoT devices that


Two versions of the new Cerber 5.0 ransomware released in a few daysSecurity Affairs

Security experts have spotted a new variant of the dreaded Cerber ransomware, the Cerber 5.0. This is the third version of the malware released this week that is able to encrypt

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Hidden challenges emerge as data breach notification laws finally hit Australia

Australia’s new mandatory data breach disclosure law is attracting a lot of attention, and a lot of criticism. But it will also have some interesting – and perhaps unintended –


Network security: A team sport for SMBs – Help Net Security

The increased volume and frequency of cyberattacks has made information security an everyday issue of great importance, regardless of your geographical location, industry, language or culture. Soccer, often regarded as


The Internet Society is unhappy about security – pretty much all of it • The Register

The Internet Society (ISOC) is the latest organisation saying, in essence, “security is rubbish – fix it”. Years of big data breaches are having their impact, it seems: in its


Cloud Security Expo 2017

Cloud Security Expo 2017 will once again bring you an unrivaled line up of world-class suppliers to the security sector, hundreds of hours of free content from over 150 the

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Pitching For A Cashless Society Before Beefing Up Cyber Security Is Like Putting The Cart Before The Horse

Last year I woke up one day to my mobile phone pinging. It showed a withdrawal from my account via debit. And then another one. The debit card was sitting

Industry Insights

Managers might see cybersecurity regulations soon – Pensions & Investments

In October, the Federal Reserve, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. issued a call for input on what cybersecurity rules should be applied