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Industry Insights

How ‘Projection’ Slows Down the Path to Security Maturity

A little bit of self-awareness goes a long way when it comes to evaluating a company’s security maturity level. It’s also a prerequisite to improving. Recently, I observed a somewhat


Why the Cloud is Key to Mitigating the Menace of Phishing

After the rise of ransomware over the last few years (largely combatted through better detection of the malware and more attention paid to having decent backups), phishing has stormed back


Cryptomining Replaces Ransomware as Most Popular Cybercrime Malware

Skybox® Security, a global leader in cybersecurity management, announced today the release of its mid-year update to the Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report which analyzes vulnerabilities, exploits and threats in play. The report,


What are the Guaranteed Best DDoS Defence Practices?

DDoS is a constantly evolving threat. We are seeing DDoS attacks getting more sophisticated, more frequent and bigger than ever before. The systems that are most common in enterprises today


Security concerns around the rapidly growing use of the Industrial Internet of Things

Organizations hold disparate and unrealistic views on protecting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), in which endpoints are considered to be the most vulnerable aspects, despite confusion over what actually constitutes an


The evolution of email fraud: Risks and protection tips

Marc Chouinard is Email Security Operations Lead at Vircom, an email security vendor based in Montreal, Canada. He has established a reputation as a no-nonsense leader in understanding and acting against


Phishing in the Deep End: The Growing Threat of Attacks Beyond Email

Phishing has long posed a threat to businesses thanks to attackers who convince users to open harmful email attachments and executable links. As a result, companies have strengthened malware blocking


Endpoint Concerns Blight IIoT Security

Securing the endpoint is the biggest concern for respondents to a new SANS Institute paper on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), with patching a persistent challenge. The 2018 SANS Industrial


The Path to Securing IoT Ecosystems Starts at the Network

The Internet of Things is ubiquitous. It’s now so entwined in our lives that many of us do not even realize how many daily interactions we have with IoT devices,

Industry Insights

What Defines a Cyber Insurgency?

The western world is currently grappling with a cyber insurgency.  The widespread adoption of the “kill-chain” coupled with the use of memory resident malware has fueled the cyber-attack wild fire.