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Industry Insights

Cyber Risk = Business Risk. Time for the Business-Aligned CISO

Data breaches, ransomware and other cyber attacks causing massive reputation issues (Equifax), knocking down merger prices (Yahoo!) or interrupting operations on a global scale (the NotPetya virus victims), have elevated

Identity Theft

The Consequences Of The Superdrug Data Breach

It was reported that Superdrug had warned its online customers to change their passwords after criminals claimed to have obtained their personal details. The chain said the group claimed they had stolen details of


End-to-end security “a must” for smart city IoTs

CEO of Crypto Quantique, Shahram Mossayebi, gives his insight on securing IoT networks within smart cities. More insights have been gained regarding the challenges around securing IoTs within smart cities,


Why Businesses Can’t Ignore Crypto Agility

Today’s encryption algorithms, when pitted against quantum tools, will be considerably less resilient and leave huge amounts of data vulnerable as a result. Experts have been predicting that this may

Industry Insights

12 things every IT security professional should know

Fighting the good fight takes specialized knowledge. Here’s the baseline of what all security pros should know. Click here to view original webpage at


What are next generation firewalls? How the cloud and complexity affect them

Nextgen firewalls add features like behavioral analytics, malware detection, and content monitoring to prevent unauthorized access and data exfiltration. They could do much more in the future. Traditional firewalls track


Don’t abandon that domain name

Why are abandoned domain names dangerous? They are low-hanging fruit for attackers, who can use them to access sensitive email or customer data. Email holds the keys to the kingdom.


Weak Security Socializes Risk

Rather than some technical development, I was recently intrigued by something more “social” in nature, specifically the important levels of trust so many companies place in one another. Even while


T-Mobile Data Breach

T-Mobile has experienced another data breach, as reported by TechCrunch.  Hackers stole customer stole names, billing zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers, and account type in what the company

Industry Insights

Why Businesses Must Re-Educate On Cybersecurity Policies

A lack of employee education, overlooking patch management and flouting security processes are leaving business vulnerable and posing a threat to network security and data protection. According to a government