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Industry Insights

Quantifying a firm’s security levels may strengthen security over time

Cyberattacks grow in prominence each and every day; in fact, 2017 was the worst year to-date for data breaches, with the number of cyber incidents targeting businesses nearly doubling from

Industry Insights

Organizations need to shift strategies, adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity

The cybersecurity market has reached a point whereby organisations need to shift their strategies and have a new, proactive approach to their cybersecurity, according to a report by 451 Research. The report

Industry Insights

A final call for replacing security certificates using Symantec roots

Help Net Security sat down with Jeremy Rowley, Executive Vice President of Product at DigiCert. He leads the company’s product development teams serving its emerging markets clients that require security solutions


5 Reasons DevOps And Security Need To Work Together

There is nothing like speeding up your business processes and development cycles is there? DevOps has revolutionized the way businesses meet the constantly evolving needs of their customers, without sacrificing