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BYOD/Big Data

The Hub of All Things: Are you collecting personal data the wrong way?

Jonathan Holtby, Community Manager at the Hub of All Things (HAT), explains to Information Age why the way organisations collect personal data is fundamentally brokenLast year, the Economist ran a


How AI and Machine Learning Will Win or Lose the War in Cyber

The headlines are filled with fear-inducing reports of massive data losses across almost every industry, yet every security vendor is shouting that the golden age of AI and machine learning

IT Compliance

Increased dark web activity putting merchants and consumers at risk

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting retailers and their customers through digital and social channels as retailers leverage new channels for increased revenue opportunities.In a joint report, IntSights scoured the Clear and

Industry Insights

Organizations want to threat hunt, but can’t due to lack of time, skills and visibility

As cybercriminals and nation-states continue to improve the sophistication of attacks that bypass traditional preventive defenses, organizations must evolve their security defenses to reduce dwell time. Fidelis Cybersecurity asked cybersecurity

Industry Insights

ICS Networks Continue to be Soft Targets For Cyberattacks

Despite some progress, industrial control system (ICS) networks continue to be dangerously soft targets at a time when cyberattacks against them appear to be increasing.ICS security vendor CyberX recently analyzed

IT Compliance

The Godfather Part 4 – Cybercrime Isn’t Personal, It’s Strictly Business

When many of us hear the term ‘Mafia’, we conjure up the thought of ’wise guys’ of the 1920’s and 30s in pinstripe suits, personified by Al Capone or those

Industry Insights

Cyber War Games: Top Payment Companies Collaborate to Respond to Financial Cyberattacks

Organizations in the financial services industry not only face attacks directed at individual institutions; they are also up against the threat of systemic financial cyberattacks. In a systemic breach scenario,


Overcoming the Electronics Industry’s Insecurity Over Industrial IoT Deployments

In December 2017, cyberattackers used TRITON/TRISIS malware to target safety instrumented system (SIS) controllers at a critical infrastructure organization. The malware was designed specifically to interact with the controllers, potentially

Artificial Intelligence

A deep look into artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science

This question and its answer are hotly debated. In many minds, the idea of artificial intelligence surrounds a free-thinking, aware computer system — that is a long way off, apparently.In the


Businesses shift physical security systems to the cloud to access big data insights

A new study of 1500 IT decision makers from the UK, France and Germany has found a favourable shift towards cloud, as well as a need for businesses to adopt