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Building shared digital identity using blockchain technology

I previously described challenges both consumers and organizations face when it comes to user identity and how a shared digital identity can reshape digital trust as we know it.In an

IT Compliance

Industry Leaders Reaction On Data Breach

It has been reported that hackers breached the following. A sign-up system and have gotten their hands on the personal information of roughly 75,000 people. The system is named Federally Facilitated Exchanges

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6 Common Myths That Could Be Holding Back Your Cybersecurity Awareness Efforts

When we talk cybersecurity awareness, the focus is almost always on employees and their operations. While a security-minded staff is indispensable and always the first line of a company’s cybersecurity


Why You Need Advanced Authentication to Protect Identities Without Compromising User Experience

Gone are the days when a masked robber would walk into a bank, wave a gun in the air and declare, “This is a stick up!” Why would any criminal


Burned malware returns, says Cylance report: Is Hacking Team responsible?

Burning malware is like Hercules fighting the nine-headed Hydra. For every head he cuts off, two more grow back in its place. That’s the lesson from a new report by


What is the Standard for IoT Security?

The number of IoT products for consumers is growing rapidly. You can use them to adjust your heating or lighting, control access to your home, monitor your baby and keep


IoT has potential to innovate, but is it secure?

While the Internet of Things has the potential to drive the next wave of online innovation, it needs to be grounded on secure networks that prevent cyber criminals from hacking

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How science can fight insider threats

 Malicious insiders pose the biggest cybersecurity threat for companies today because they can cause the most damage, and are much harder to detect than outsiders.From the outside, attackers typically use


Beware Phishing Attacks With Multiple Replica Sign-Ins

With multi-layer cybersecurity defenses improving, hackers are going to the human attack surface with social engineering and phishing attacks like never before. According to industry reports, over 90 percent of

Industry Insights

7 Key Needs For Cybersecurity Crisis Communication

I have seen this story play out time and time again. A company doesn’t have a good crisis communication plan, or incident management process, and then a breach occurs or