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Microsoft: Russia Again Hacks Anti-Doping and Sports Agencies

Facing possible exclusion from the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and other major athletic events, Russia once again has been attempting to hack anti-doping agencies and sports organizations, Microsoft reported yesterday. Click

Security pros like their job, yet many struggle with burnout and work-life balance

There is a persistent gap among cybersecurity professionals regarding gender and diversity, but also challenges with work-life balance. Among the security analysts surveyed by Exabeam in the United States, UK,

Young People At Work Are More Careless With Cybersecurity, Reveals A Shocking New

When it comes to cybersecurity, you’d imagine people under the age of 30 and digital natives to be far more aware of the potential risks of the online world — of

Airbus Incident Shines Spotlight on Third-Party Vendor Security Risks

By Ewen O’Brien – VP of Enterprise, EMEA at BitSight, 2019 has been a year of high-profile attacks, and, as we predicted, it’s only getting worse. That’s certainly the case

Top Five Tips for Building Smarter Enterprise Security

ExtraHop is offering tips and strategies for enterprise organizations to improve their security posture across hybrid and cloud workloads. Below are tips for building smarter enterprise security Click here to view original

New Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance Launches to Deliver Comprehensive Cyber Security Guidelines for Operational Technology

Cyber-attacks on critical and industrial infrastructure are on the rise, impacting operational reliability and business risk across all industries, including utilities, manufacturing and oil & gas. Threats to operational technology

Why organizations must arm their SOCs for the future

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) around the globe represent the first line of defense between enterprises and cyber-threats. This mission requires that SOCs respond to security alerts around the clock, and jump

How to remove human error from the cyber risk equation

In attempting to fortify the enterprise’s cyber assets, we have turned much of our attention to human error. After all, the vast majority of hackers rely upon their exploitation of employees

Cyber-security – skills and technology gaps are the missing pieces of the puzzle

According to IBM, there are 20.8 billion digital devices online – three for every human being on the planet – so a joined-up, forward-looking approach to cyber-security is essential. But

How the under 30s expect new approaches to cybersecurity

In today’s multigenerational workforce, the over-30s are more likely to adopt cybersecurity good practice than their younger colleagues who have grown up with digital technology. This is according to a report on