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Mitigating Data Security and Compliance WoesDATAQUEST

Businesses today operate very differently than they did in previous decades. Thanks to the digital revolution, IT is no longer a forgotten, back-office job and as a result, companies are

Cloud computing may make IT compliance auditing even cloudier | ZDNet

Compliance is one of those thankless activities that add a lot more pain than gain to IT managers’ and professionals’ worklives. It’s a matter of doing the minimum that needs

Using compliance as a tool for change | Computerworld

One of my guiding principles is that compliance does not equal security. Compliance isn’t a true representation of how well companies use security to protect themselves. It can be little

451 Research: Critical Security and Compliance Considerations for Hybrid Cloud Deployments: CIO White Paper

The evolution of cloud infrastructures toward hybrid cloud models is inexorable, driven by the requirement of greater IT agility and financial pressures. Organizations are struggling with practical considerations, preventing them

Cognitive Risk Framework for Cybersecurity – Corporate Compliance Insights

Cybersecurity has gotten a great deal of attention these days for two reasons: 1) billions of dollars are being spent in response to a growing threat in cybersecurity and 2)

Does Your Business Meet IT Security Compliance Standards? — Guardian Data Destruction

In this fast-paced era of IT technology, data security and data breaches have come to the forefront of most business operations and costs. As technology keeps evolving by the minute,

Information Security Compliance: Which regulations relate to me?

This entry is part of a series of information security compliance articles. In subsequent articles we will discuss the specific regulations and their precise applications, at length. These regulations include

How compliance can be an excuse to shun the cloud | CIO

Every company has its reason for embracing or not embracing the cloud. In the case of companies in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services, regulatory compliance is

Security, Compliance Remain Biggest Concerns Over Cloud | SecurityWeek.Com

A new survey into cloud concerns undertaken by database security firm HexaTier provides no surprises: security risks (44%) followed by compliance and regulation (29%) are the two biggest factors preventing

Cybersecurity much more than a compliance exercise | CIO

Even as an overwhelming majority of large global enterprises feel vulnerable to data breaches and other security threats, too many organizations continue to approach cybersecurity as a compliance exercise, according