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BluStor’s Cybergate set to bring down losses arising due to spike in cybercrime on mobile devices

BluStor Mobile security vendor BluStor is taking a shot at curbing cybercrime with its CyberGate smart card offering, following a recent report that cybercrime costs the global economy more than


Electronic device surge could present new security threat

A survey conducted by EY Global Information Security has revealed that just 41% of firms planned to raise their expenditure on mobile security . This contrasts with 84% of those

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Hacking the Real World: How Your Keys Are as Unsafe as Your Password

At a cybersecurity convention in Hamburg last month, a German hacking group demonstrated how it could duplicate fingerprints from afar. The group – called Chaos Computer Club – used news


Cybercriminals will follow users to Apple Pay, other mobile systems

Apple Pay is helping lead a mobile payment revolution, with consumers and retailers seeing a wider number of payment options at checkout. Mobile security is expected to reach upwards of

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Cyber crime among top risks

Cyber -crime is among the top five risks cited by respondents to the Allianz Risk Barometer. It was 15th two years ago. After supply chain concerns and natural disasters, fire

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High Voltage of 2015: Kaspersky Lab’s short-range predictions

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, warned that cyber criminals are growing in confidence. Before, cyber criminals tended to attack users of banking services,


It’s 2015 and ATMs don’t know when a daughterboard is breaking them

Carders have jackpotted an ATM by inserting a circuit board into the USB ports of an ATM, tricking it into spitting out cash. The technique was thought to have emulated

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Why Today’s Security Measures Just Don’t Cut It

The security challenges that businesses face on a daily basis are innumerable. In fact, we’ve spent the last thirty years securing all things imaginable – firewalls, antivirus, access and identity

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Cyber criminals demand a modern approach to security

Companies are increasingly acknowledging that advanced cyber threats are an unsolvable problem, but the benefits of being connected to the internet outweigh the risks. Cyber security is a responsibility shared

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Highlights and lowlights of 2014, a golden year for cybercrime

If a score was being kept, it might seem that the cybercriminals are in the lead, despite the valiant efforts – and own goals – from the cybersecurity profession worldwide.