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WannaCry failed to be enough of a security wake-up call

Some IT pros did nothing to protect themselves after WannaCry. The WannaCry ransomware attack was a wake-up call for many IT professionals, but not for all of them, according to

Identity Theft

Most Expensive Data Breaches Start with Third Parties: Report

Data breaches are expensive, and their growing cost is driving business leaders to allocate more of their IT budgets to cybersecurity. It’s not just fear of incidents driving the investment,


End-to-end security requires multi-vendor automation

To make it easier to use security tools from multiple vendors, as well as bake security into the development process, Fortinet introduces Fabric Connectors and DevOps integration.The concept of “end-to-end”


A Quarter Of Enterprises Suffer From Cloud Cryptojacking Incidents

A new report has revealed that 25% of enterprises have suffered from cloud cryptojacking incidents, a sharp increase from the 8% that was recorded from last quarter. As more enterprises increase their

BYOD/Big Data

BYOD Threats Exposed: 61% of UK SMEs Suffer Cyber-Attacks

Small UK businesses that operate a BYOD policy are more likely to suffer a cybersecurity-related incident, according to new figures from Paymentsense.The merchant service provider polled over 500 small business owners

Industry Insights

Data Security Incidents Spike as Human Error Dominates

The number of data security incidents reported to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) jumped 17% between the final three months of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, according


Five on-the-Ground Insights on Implementing Endpoint Security in the Cloud

Today’s “access-everything-anywhere-anytime” mobile data environment is great news for business productivity and performance but on the flipside it’s also a huge opportunity for cybercriminals. The increasing multitude of endpoints represents


How do you secure the cloud? New data points a way

New reports show big differences in risk among public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. Here’s advice on the tools, information, and organizational structure needed to execute a successful cloud security

Industry Insights

Are SMBs driving the adoption of security automation by enterprises?

If you tracked the lifecycle of new security technologies, you’d likely see that most start as enterprise solutions and eventually trickle down to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). You could


The Next WannaCry Is Coming … Are You Ready?

Last year, we saw WannaCry take down the IT and operational technology (OT) systems of organisations across the world in every industry. While the motives behind WannaCry are still the