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MDhex vulnerabilities open GE Healthcare patient monitoring devices to attackers

Researchers have discovered six critical and high-risk vulnerabilities – collectively dubbed MDhex – affecting a number of patient monitoring devices manufactured by GE Healthcare. Click here to view original webpage at


The silver lining in cloud for financial institutions

The bigger challenge for CTOs and CIOs is often getting the business approvals.A recent report from analyst research firm Aite estimates that the majority of global tier-one financial institutions have

Industry Insights

Reach the next frontier of security automation while maintaining visibility and control

As the technologies we rely on continue to evolve, they are growing at a rate that outpaces our ability to protect them. This increasing risk potential necessitates a change in


Hardware hacks: The next generation of cybercrime

Every 39 seconds there is a cyber attack affecting one out of three Americans. All organizations need to take proactive measures and think like the attackers that are infiltrating their networks. Click


Talking to the Board about Cybersecurity

A chief financial officer shares five winning strategies for an effective board-level conversation about right-sizing risk. As enterprises have become increasingly reliant on technology for every aspect of operations, technical


Cyber security: Addressing the gap in understanding between C-Suite and IT managers

Shipping companies need to adopt a holistic approach in managing cybersecurity as a business risk and this means closing the significant gap of understanding of cybersecurity between C-suite executive level


Passwords: A lesson in cyber security failure?

Passwords are dead, writes Steven Furnell FBCS of the Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research at the University of Plymouth. Numerous people have said so (just search for the

Hardware/Network Software

Shadow IT Is The Cybersecurity Threat That Keeps Giving All Year Long

More than 5,000 personal devices connect to enterprise networks every day with little or no endpoint security enabled in one of every three companies in the U.S., U.K., and Germany.


SaaS security fears: Is your data exposed to potential risk?

IT executives have rising SaaS security fears, and worry about cloud security, proprietary data encryption, as well as the loss of independent control due to access limitations, according to Archive360.

Vendor News

Enterprises that wait to adopt a mobile-first strategy set to fail, report finds

Report authors concerned that 64% of survey respondents cited workplace culture as their leading obstacle to mobile transformation. Click here to view original webpage at www.mmh.com