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Human error a big risk to ICS cyber security, study shows

Employee errors or unintentional actions were responsible for 52% of incidents affecting operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) networks in the past year, a study shows.  This highlights the need for organisations

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CISOs Are Burning Out: Here’s How to Fix It

By Ewen O’Brien – VP of Enterprise, EMEA at BitSight, Everyone experiences stress in their jobs, but security leaders may have it worse than most. According to recent research, 60%

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A point-in-time approach to risk management is no longer effective

Among organizations that engage third parties to provide business services, 83% identified third-party risks after conducting due diligence and before recertification, according to Gartner. Gartner’s survey of more than 250 legal and

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Removing Fear by Moving to Risk-Based Security Programs

Cyber-attacks can cost companies millions of pounds with the potential to shut down operations in the blink of an eye. Despite this, security teams do a poor job of prioritizing

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Counting on Quantitative Cyber Risk

Everyone is talking about cybersecurity. Leaders with decades of experience at CEO, CFO and CRO level have seen it advance from a curious subset of IT to a board issue

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Ever-evolving nature of Cybersecurity risks

Since many enterprises are shifting their infrastructure to cloud-based platforms, i.e., to data centers, the attackers would target those. Platforms at an increasing rate.Number of Cybersecurity attacks in the country

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5 Ways How Big Data Helps to Fight Cybersecurity Threat

By Christopher Roberts – Business Development Manager at Data Entry Outsourced, In the online world where information has become a currency, modern businesses and organizations are required to go through

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Cybersecurity Risk Posed to Incoming Students

A recent report by cybersecurity firm Proofpoint has revealed that the vast majority of the UK’s universities, including Oxford, have failed to take recommended precautionary steps to protect students from


Six critical areas to focus on when integrating DevSecOps into an organization

The omnipresence of consumer electronics and computer power, alongside modern trends (i.e., DevOps, microservices, and open source) that accelerate deployment cycles continue to strain enterprises’ ability to detect and identify


Understanding IoT Cybersecurity Risks

Deloitte and Dragos share the top threats to organizations and the need for a secure-by-design approach to the Internet of Things.  Cybersecurity is on every manufacturer’s mind these days, as