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IT Compliance

As GDPR implementation date approaches, cyber risk gets more attention

The upcoming implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which takes effect in May 2018, has elevated cyber risk to the top of the corporate agenda for


Millions of Android phones put at risk by mobile wi-fi security flaw

Researchers have discovered a new exploit that could affect every device on a Wi-Fi network with Android 6.0 devices especially vulnerable to an attack. Click Here To View Original Webpage


Finding The Right Balance For Cloud Security

Cloud and security are in conflict in the minds of many people. The cloud is all about speed and agility, while security is traditionally a drag that slows things down.


Fail-Safe Security: Protecting Data From Cloud and Third-Party Risks With Encryption

Fail-safe is not just a term that evokes the Cold War era — it is a basic principle of safety and security engineering. Things will inevitably go wrong, and when

Industry Insights

Cyber security in the workplace is everyone’s business

As the threat of cyber attacks grow, it is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace to help and try to mitigate the risks posed.Many organisations that experience a breach

Identity Theft

Why wait to be breached? Three reasons to secure your data now

 These are some of the most common excuses companies give for delaying their security and compliance efforts. But, given the severe repercussions of just one breach – spiraling costs of

Industry Insights

Inventive cyber gang steals millions from East European banks

Trustwave researchers have uncovered a series of ingenious bank heists that cost several Eastern European and Russian banks up to $10 millions each, and they believe financial institutions in European,


Shadow cloud apps pose unseen risks

When individuals and departments bypass IT to acquire cloud services and apps, IT and security teams are blind to the security vulnerabilities and compliance issues they present.It happens in every

Industry Insights

Is Your Company Ready to Face Tomorrow’s Security Risks?

In 2017, ransomware, phishing, and IoT attacks pummeled businesses. What security trends will emerge in the coming years? Malgorzata Zabieglinska-Lupa, ICT product manager, Comarch ICT, recently had the chance to speak


Cyber Sharing is Caring

One of the biggest challenges I faced while operating a community at a major cybersecurity firm was getting people to share the great stuff they wrote, especially code, scripts or