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Improving Cyber-Risk Management with ISO 27001 and the 10 Steps to Cybersecurity

With over four billion worldwide internet users, there is little doubt that the power of online communication is recognized by organizations and individuals alike. It is also clear that we

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Personal data protection today: We should demand more

The growing number of cybersecurity incidents reported each year – and the fact that many attacks remain unreported for security and PR reasons – can leave even the most experienced security professionals


Endpoint Security: Chain Of Trust Or Chain Of Fools?

The concept of trust is getting more attention these days. IDC has estimated security spending to reach $151 billion by 2023, noting a ‘C-level focus on trust’ as a key growth driver.

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Cloud + BYOD + IoT = Major Security Gaps

Despite having hundreds of tools at their disposal, IT and security teams are rapidly losing sight of their asset landscape. Click here to view original webpage at www.helpnetsecurity.com

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RSA Live: CISOs Stress Risk Evaluation in Funding Cyber Investments

A group of public sector cybersecurity leaders, speaking on a panel Feb. 24 at the RSA Public Sector Day event, discussed the challenge of reconciling competing priorities when assessing both


Cloud-based collaboration tools are a major driver of data exfiltration

Cloud-based collaboration technologies and workforce turnover have become major drivers of data exfiltration as insider threat programs fail to keep pace with today’s digital workplace, a Code42 survey reveals. Click


The Growing Importance of Cyber Security

Data is the most valuable resource a financial technology (fintech) company holds, as evidenced by the thick stack of regulations that dictate its protection. But many mortgage tech startups don’t

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Take your SOC to the next level of effectiveness

Enterprise security infrastructures average 80 security products, creating security sprawl and a big management challenge for SOC teams. With high volumes of data generated from security controls across the infrastructure, SOC

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Changing Security From A Business Roadblock To A Business Enabler

Security—by its very nature—tends to get in the way or slow things down. Your house is more secure because your front door is locked, but it would be faster and

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It’s Time For CISOs, Boards And Executives To Have Objective Conversations About Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity is top of mind for business risk managers, corporate boards and executives. According to a 2018 report from the World Economic Forum, cyberattacks are among the top 10 business concerns. A 2019