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Windows 10 Warning: ‘Devious And Evil’ Malware Bypasses Security Software

Security researchers are investigating a particularly nasty piece of malware that can bypass Windows 10 security. The threat, which comprises not only a new variation of ransomware known as Snatch but also

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New Google Android Threat: ‘Dangerous’ Hidden Vulnerability Leaves Most Apps Open To Attack

Google Android threats continue to hit users thick and fast. And today is no different: Security researchers have detailed a newly discovered Android vulnerability that they call “StrandHogg,” which allows malware to


Security At A Crossroads: The Road Ahead For IT Security

Before the Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday, and Black Friday sales; before the Thanksgiving feast and the awkward tension of discussing the impeachment hearings with mildly inebriated family and

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Unstructured data: The hidden threat in digital business

Unstructured data is a vital tool in improving outdated processes and enabling truly digital business. 2019 has been a year of high profile data breaches with new stories of hacks


When Dealing With The Phishing Threat, User Education Is Key

Email has become a crucial part of how organizations perform their day to day business. The average employee receives dozens of emails every day, and efficiently performing their job duties


Microsoft Intune can now block unauthorized BYOD hardware

Microsoft has integrated third-party mobile threat defense (MTD) software with its Intune unified endpoint management (UEM) platform, enabling corporate systems to detect when an employee’s unenrolled, smartphone or tablet has an app

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Shedding Light on the Cutting Edge of Cybercrime

By Christopher “Tophs” Elisan, Director of Intelligence, Flashpoint All too often, cyber-defence measures protect only against known threats. But since threat actors operating on the deep and dark web (DDW),

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Microsoft: Russia Again Hacks Anti-Doping and Sports Agencies

Facing possible exclusion from the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and other major athletic events, Russia once again has been attempting to hack anti-doping agencies and sports organizations, Microsoft reported yesterday. Click


Enhancing Cyber Security for Infrastructure through IoT

“Subex Secure is built for securing diverse IoT and Operational Technology deployments. The ongoing R&D backing our product focuses on securing these deployments from a range of cross-spectrum threats to


Email scam attacks against healthcare targets see huge rise

Proofpoint finds a 300 per cent increase in such attacks this year. Healthcare has always been an industry of interest for cybercriminals, but a new Proofpoint report argues that the