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Employees are Cyber Secure in Theory, But Not in Practice [Infographic]

Across the world, cybersecurity has moved from the shadows to center stage, due to increasing malware attacks and the soaring cost of resultant damages [predicted to rise to $6 trillion annually


Matrix Ransomware: A Threat to Low-Hanging Fruit

In its 2019 Threat Report, Sophos predicted a rise in targeted ransomware attacks. According to new research, Matrix, a copycat targeted ransomware that is flying under the radar, is one such threat that

Industry Insights

Risk managers see cybersecurity as the biggest threat to business

Sword GRC canvassed amost 150 risk managers from highly risk-aware organizations worldwide for their opinions. Overall, cybersecurity was seen as the biggest risk to business by a quarter of organizations. Click here

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Cyber risk management and return on deception investment

This article is fifth in a five-part series being developed by Dr. Edward Amoroso in conjunction with the deception technology team from Attivo Networks. The article provides an overview of

Industry Insights

Shutdown a Threat to IT Security Recruitment

As the US inches toward a full month of a government shutdown, concerns over the impact on national security and cybersecurity continue to mount, and according to security experts from Juniper


Cryptomining Continues to Be Top Malware Threat

Enterprise organizations appear unlikely to get respite from cryptomining attacks anytime soon if new threat data from Check Point Software is any indication.For the thirteenth month in a row, attacks

Identity Theft

Strengthen Data Breach Defenses with Emulation Assessments

While cyber threats increase daily in volume and sophistication, data breach evaluation – an essential tool for validating the security of corporate and essential infrastructure – has lagged behind. This


Securing Against Developer Pressure

Rather than preparing for the worst, the race to grab market share in IoT has vastly increased pressure on developers to deliver without a thought for the consequences or potential


Cybersecurity Research Reveals IoT Vulnerabilities, Nation-State Threats

Year-end cybersecurity research reports reveal a security threat landscape that’s becoming more perilous, particular for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the rising threat of nation-state actors.Other cybersecurity issues highlighted


Prepare for the new royal wedding of IT: AI and cyber security

Phishing, cyber bots, multi-cloud strategies, zero trust, diversity in cyber and blockchain and cyber: we are set to enter a tumultuous period for cyber crime: but AI and cyber security