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Identity Theft

Red teaming: Why a forward offense is the best defense

Companies are under constant threat. Opportunistic attackers scan the internet for weak points, motivated attackers target specific organizations for susceptibility to a scam or digital exploit, and persistent attackers don’t

Identity Theft

Protecting your organization against privileged identity theft

What do the top data breaches of the 21st century have in common? Privileged identity abuse. In these breach instances, well-resourced, external actors were able to gain the credentials of

IT Compliance

Cybersecurity: 3 Ways CXOs can Guard Against Insider Threats

INSIDER threats have always posed quite a challenge to cybersecurity specialists looking to defend a company’s data and infrastructure. In the digital world, while external attackers are getting increasingly sophisticated,

Industry Insights

10 Things I Know About … Cyber security awareness

To err is human. Ponemon claims 34% of data breaches involving employees cost an average of $9 million – more than twice the global average of all breaches. Click here

Industry Insights

Understanding the Difference Between IT and Cyber Security

IT and cybersecurity are fundamental components of any company’s data security plans. Although used interchangeably, there are differences between how these terms are defined and what they involve.  IT (information


Many companies don’t know the depth of their IoT-related risk exposure

In the digital age, cyber is everywhere. Cyber risk now permeates nearly every aspect of how we live and work. Organizations should better understand how to manage the risks created by known


How to secure your data as you go digital

To scale more efficiently and serve customers better, companies are moving more workloads and services to the cloud. According to IDG, 37 percent of companies are increasing their digital business, and 45

Identity Theft

Breach leads motor assessor to boost cyber security

Motor loss assessing firm AAMC says it is boosting its cyber security after an unauthorized breach affected part of its systems. “[We] have conducted a subsequent, extensive penetration test with

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2019 WordPress Web Hosting Best Practices to Ensure Security

By Andrew Thompson – Bigdropnic.com, While thinking of website hosting, anyone may be concerned about security with the news about some major data breaches even with some of the top

Industry Insights

Most SMEs severely underestimate cyber security vulnerabilities

Small businesses are the primary target for cyber attacks, yet most are unprepared and do not think they will be targeted, a survey reveals.Two-thirds (66%) of business leaders at companies