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Identity Theft

The Challenge of Real-Time Cyber Protection

There’s a huge imbalance between attackers and defenders when it comes to protecting the corporate network. Defenders must protect against a myriad of threats while an attacker only needs to

Identity Theft

Prevent shadow IT: Companies need security covering multiple communication vectors

There is a critical need for companies to adopt comprehensive and secure enterprise communications platforms to prevent shadow IT. It is a phenomenon where employees, to compensate for the lack of


WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Allows Website Takeover

This week seems to be super busy with data breaches and security vulnerabilities galore, looping you in on the latest vulnerability exposed today. News is breaking that hackers are exploiting

Identity Theft

2018 saw 6,515 reported breaches, exposing 5 billion sensitive records

There were 6,515 publicly disclosed data compromise events through December 31, 2018, exposing over 5 billion sensitive records, according to Risk Based Security’s Year End 2018 Data Breach QuickView Report.


The Journey to Data Integrity

In 2017, ‘Fake News’ was crowned word of the year thanks in part to a deteriorating relationship between politicians and the media. Claims and counterclaims could be challenged without the


Printer-related security risks on the rise

Businesses that are relying heavily on print are putting themselves at plenty of unnecessary risk.Businesses that are relying heavily on print are putting themselves at plenty of unnecessary security risk, a new

IT Compliance

GDPR: Not Heavy Handed Yet, But Driving Data Breaches Into The Open

With the European Union’s landmark General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in place a bit more than eight months, it seems that at least one of its messages has had

Industry Insights

SMBs spending a day each week dealing with cybersecurity issues

Almost half of UK small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) believe a cyberattack would put their business at risk of closure, and 48 per cent of businesses report they have had

Identity Theft

The inside track on protecting intellectual property (IP)

Dr Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of BlackFog, discusses the need for firms to protect their IP from cyber attack and provides advice on how to stop hackers from removing

Industry Insights

How can we improve adoption and ROI on security investments?

Traditionally, whenever employees are required to interact with security solutions, they push back because they don’t want their lives to be made more complicated with extra procedures and, essentially, clicks.