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The cyber threat hunting game has changed

Threat hunting has evolved into a modern day sport, as cybersecurity companies scour the Dark Web to be the first to define a new vulnerability, type of malware or attack


Business Wire Suffers Week-Long DDoS Attack

Press release network Business Wire has admitted suffering an ongoing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack lasting a week so far, in a sign of the continued pressure high-profile firms


Growing Number of IT Pros Unaware of DDoS and Ransomware Attacks

IT defenders face the increasing sophistication of adversaries who are responsible for the growth in size and frequency of cyberattacks – and alarmingly, many attackers have infiltrated corporate networks without


Defending our public services from the DDoS of Things

It has been described by the government as “the second digital revolution” and received £32m in funding to promote its benefits and development across the UK, so it’s no surprise


API Security Concerns Are on the Rise

In an application-centric, cloud-native world, businesses have a heightened concern for cybersecurity risk related to API use of late: Specifically, 63% of respondents in a recent survey said they are


Widespread API use heightens cybersecurity risks

A new Imperva survey showed a heightened concern for cybersecurity risk related to API use. Specifically, 63 percent of respondents are most worried about DDoS threats, bot attacks, and authentication


Proactive vs. Reactive: Which is Better for DDoS Defence?

Distributed denial of service, or more commonly abbreviated as DDoS, is a classic form of cyber-attack in the world of enterprises. The last 18 months has ushered in the era


DDoS attacks soared during 2017

Number of damaging DDoS assaults hit new highs as hackers deployed ever more complex tools.DDoS attacks reached a new high during 2017 as the threat of major cyber-attacks became more

Industry Insights

Top Cybersecurity Training Priorities

With new legislation coming into play in 2018 and the constant onslaught of ever-changing threats, it can be hard to determine where one should concentrate cyber efforts. As CSOs head into


DDoS Defence Demands a Hybrid Approach

Just imagine that a DDoS attack is crushing your network. Your enterprise’s internet pipe is under siege and almost to capacity. There is nowhere else for the traffic to go,