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IT Compliance

GDPR Hurts Security but Publicity Might Help

A survey of 900 security professionals conducted by AlienVault at Infosecurity Europe found that spending on GDPR compliance efforts has hindered threat detection but cybersecurity publicity might actually benefit the industry. Additionally,


Bigger, Faster, Stronger: 2 Reports Detail the Evolving State of DDoS

DDoS attacks continue to plague the Internet, getting bigger and more dangerous. And now, the kids are involved. DDoS attacks don’t arrive on little cat feet; they announce their presence


How to Stop DDoS Attacks: 6 Tips for Fighting DDoS Attacks

Knowing how to stop a DDoS attack quickly could be the difference between your organization thriving and going out of business. That’s because the effects of a successful DDoS attack


Bot-driven credential abuse, DDoS attacks continue to rise

Cybersecurity defenders face increasing threats from organisations in the form of bot-based credential abuse targeting the hospitality industry and advanced DDoS attacks, according to Akamai.Analysis of current cyberattack trends for the


How to Mitigate Vulnerabilities That Hide in Your IT Systems

By Julia Sowells – Senior Information Security Specialist at Hacker Combat, Software vulnerabilities – issues that every company, every organization has to face consistently; still, there are many companies that


DNS amplification attacks double in Q1 2018

DNS amplification types of DDoS attacks doubled in the first quarter of 2018 over last quarter, and spiked nearly 700 percent year-over-year, according to Nexusguard. Nexusguard’s Q1 2018 Threat Report, which analyzes

Industry Insights

How employee behavior impacts cybersecurity effectiveness

A recent OpenVPN survey discovered 25 percent of employees, reuse the same password for everything. And 23 percent of employees admit to very frequently clicking on links before verifying they lead to


Protecting your Network Against Ever-Changing Cyber-Attacks

There have been two notable evolutions made by hackers recently in the DDoS arena. First, there’s been an expansion of botnets. They’ve moved beyond PCs to compromised Internet of things


For enterprise cyber defence, there should be more than one solution

Enterprises face a dilemma when it comes to defence against today’s modern DDoS attacks: do they trust the surgical precision of an on-premise DDoS protection solution or go with a


Will Your Enterprise Survive the IoT Explosion?

We’re witnessing an explosion of connected things – from printers and air conditioning units to lighting systems and coffee machines – connecting to enterprise networks. This rapid proliferation is leaving