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Artificial Intelligence

How CIOs Avoid Extinction with AI, ML & New Governance for Digital Transformation – Anything Else?

The International Data Corporation (IDC) sees it this way  “CIOs must reinvent IT top to bottom, create new digital platforms with agile connectivity, and modernize legacy systems or risk professional extinction.” Here are the predictions and some


“Think like a criminal to beat them at their own game” ⁠— Frank Abagnale Jr

It seems quite obvious. You should think like a criminal to beat them at their own game. The problem is: the majority of people are not criminals. Frank Abagnale Jr,


Cybersecurity as a key challenge in realising India’s digital economy potential: ESET survey

​57% of respondents also indicated spending more than three hours online per day, suggesting a high degree of exposure to cyberthreats. As smartphone adoption grows, consumers still show apathy towards


Get Ready For A Ransomware Tsunami

OK, maybe you can’t say the two cities in Florida hit with ransomware a few weeks ago dodged a bullet, but at least they dodged the digital equivalent of a


3 Reasons Why B2C Enterprises Should Use Single Sign-on Authentication

Single sign-on authentication, or SSO, is becoming more commonplace as the digital revolution continues to evolve. With numerous benefits for customers and companies alike, SSO helps streamline user experience, aid movement between


How to add security to digital transformation processes

In this Help Net Security podcast, Marco Rottigni, Chief Technical Security Officer for Qualys across EMEA, talks about adding security to digital transformation processes. Hello everybody. My name is Marco Rottigni and

Industry Insights

Security and risk management leaders ‘must’ leverage automation — Gartner

Automation is needed by security and risk management leaders. Leveraging the ‘automation continuum’ is becoming a necessity for security and risk management leaders looking to create and preserve value at


Security Engineers: Fighting Every Minute of Every Day

If you’re like most people, you probably live a good portion of your life online, so it’s crucial that you do all you can to make the internet more secure

Industry Insights

Avoiding Security Certificate Missteps

With code signing cyber-attacks on the rise, certificate legitimacy is a growing concern. Digital certificates are a core tenet of security, and when mis-issue events occur, the standards of trust


Security: a Missing Ingredient in Many DevOps Implementations

The expanded, technology-driven opportunities in today’s digital economy comes with unprecedented competitive pressures to innovate swiftly and with precise execution – pressures that figure to intensify as continuous iterating in