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Digital Transformation Presents Both Reward and Risk

Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way organizations do business. Mobile access, advanced analytics and cloud have increased both operational agility and revenue growth through data availability, workforce enablement, and

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Large Firms: What Role for the Group CISO?

The role of the CISO and their reporting line seems to be a continuing topic of discussion amongst cyber security professionals.The same title often hides a large diversity of roles,


Data security being left behind in digital transformation

Some companies looking to digitally transform are trying to run before walking, putting themselves and their customers at grave cybersecurity risks.Some companies looking to digitally transform are trying to run


Enterprises are struggling with cloud complexity and security

The rush to digital transformation is putting sensitive data at risk for organizations worldwide according to the 2019 Thales Data Threat Report – Global Edition with research and analysis from IDC. As


What sets visionary businesses apart? Running multiple digital initiatives at scale

Organisations can take a giant leap by partnering within their ecosystems to gain access to complementary skills and resources.What does it take to succeed in digital transformation? What does it take

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Why security by design and security DevOps are so critical to success

The advances made in technology throughout the past several decades have brought about an inevitable digital transformation, which companies are experiencing in today’s world. This transformation isn’t necessarily about the


The Digital Transformation and the Role of the CISO

Cybersecurity is in the process of becoming an essential component of any organisation’s digital transformation journey. There is no way around this, especially as policymakers start dipping their toes into


The Security Edge Of Digital Transformation

2018 was the year in which we encountered thenewishterm ‘Digital Transformation’ take a grip in computing vocabulary, which on occasions has even crossed the conversational lines onto the lips of


How to Control API Security Risks

The enterprise use of APIs (application programming interfaces) is exploding, as more and more businesses embark on digital transformation and look for ways to make money by exposing their data


Enabling the digital future: speed, agility and resilience

As more organizations embrace digital business, infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders will need to evolve their strategies and skills to provide an agile infrastructure for their business. In fact, Gartner said