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Phishing Attack Strikes UnityPoint Health

Iowa’s UnityPoint Health reported that it was the victim of a phishing attack, saying the attack put the sensitive information of 1.4 million patients at risk, according to local news media KCCI. The public


Spam still the most common cyber crime technique, according to recent research

According to a recent study by cyber security firms F-Secure and MWR InfoSecurity, spam remains the first choice for malware implementation. Spam remains popular among cyber criminals 40 years after


The primary email security challenge enterprises face is trust

Only 34 percent of users without email security responsibility recall seeing email-based attacks in their inboxes, compared to 85 percent of email security professionals, according to GreatHorn.Throughout June 2018, 295 business professionals


Email-Based Attacks a Growing Risk

Human beings have long been the weakest link in an organization’s security chain, largely because they so often fall victim to phishing campaigns, and a new report from Mimecast, State of Email


The evolution of email fraud: Risks and protection tips

Marc Chouinard is Email Security Operations Lead at Vircom, an email security vendor based in Montreal, Canada. He has established a reputation as a no-nonsense leader in understanding and acting against


Phishing in the Deep End: The Growing Threat of Attacks Beyond Email

Phishing has long posed a threat to businesses thanks to attackers who convince users to open harmful email attachments and executable links. As a result, companies have strengthened malware blocking


Taken by Ransomware? Certain Skills Required.

Skull and crossbones adorning a pair of Alexander McQueen boots, um yes, please. Skull and crossbones flashing across my PC, uh no, thanks. While the former speaks of swashbuckling ready-to-wear,


Stop training your employees to fall for phishing attacks

Training your employees how to recognize and avoid phishing only works if trusted emails don’t look the same as criminals’. I recently received an email from an address I didn’t

Identity Theft

70+ common online scams used by cyber criminals and fraudsters

By Jon Watson – A Writer for Comparitech, The internet is the most widely used communication network ever constructed. It’s used by millions of humans and machines every second of


Banking Trojans Replace Ransomware As Top Malware In Email For First Time Since 2016

It has been reported that for the first time since Q2 2016, banking Trojans have displaced ransomware as the top malware in email, accounting for almost 59% of all malicious