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Why blockchain isn’t always the answer

I get 10 to 30 pitches a day in my inbox from well-meaning PR people seeking to promote themselves, their clients, or their clients’ products. Out of the few I

IT Compliance

Life Under GDPR and What It Means for Cybersecurity

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is officially going into effect one month from today on May 25th, and its arrival will change how the internet both collects and manages

Industry Insights

Large scale data breaches provide drive for DevSecOps investments

Breaches related to open source components have grown 50 percent since 2017, and an eye-opening 121 percent since 2014, according to a new survey from open source governance and DevSecOps


Common IT Tools are the Hacker’s Favorites

Malware, along with targeted attacks that can move laterally and evade traditional detection methods, are a huge and growing concern. Popular hacker tools like Mimikatz are being combined with stolen NSA


Avoid These Security Mistakes During Cloud Migration

The headlong rush to the cloud continues to accelerate, promising increased efficiency, flexibility and security, but CSOs are not off the hook when it comes to fortifying the privacy and


3 Steps To Beef Up Your SD WAN Security

Software-defined wide access networks (SD WANs) are becoming widespread, and for good reason. SD WAN products are cheaper than standard network equipment, as are the operational costs associated with adding


No-Brainer Strategies to Your Protect IT Infrastructure

According to a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, 90% of businesses that answered admitted to experiencing a security threat to their IT infrastructure and 46% of them

Vendor News

Global WAN survey highlights the importance of network simplification

Cato Networks, provider of the global SD-WAN as a service Cato Cloud, released the findings of its enterprise WAN market study.The report, “State of WAN 2018: Too Complex to Ignore,”


Types of Firewalls: What IT Security Pros Need to Know

Firewalls are as central to IT security as anti-virus programs are to PCs, and the multi-billion-dollar market remains large and growing.In the broadest terms, firewalls are like bouncers or doormen:


Another massive DDoS internet blackout could be coming your way

Check your DNS, people. And please, make it redundant.A massive internet blackout similar to the Dyn DNS outage in 2016 could easily happen again, despite relatively low-cost countermeasures, according to