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Weaponization, iOS attacks and biometrics – the security landscape for 2016

It’s the time of year when companies inevitably turn to their crystal balls and try to predict what the coming year will have in store. Where security is concerned there’s


Holy Book Apps Dish out Malicious Code

Proofpoint researchers recently analyzed a wide variety of apps available on iOS and Android app stores and quantified the extent of the risk they pose to their users, as well


Apple’s Siri can leak personal data – IT SECURITY GURU

Further security and privacy risks to users of Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, have been revealed that could allow anyone to gain entry to personal data on someone else’s iOS device.


Quick Heal: IoT and iOS the new targets of malware

High profile targeted attacks on devices running Apple’s iOS and creative Internet of Things (IoT) attacks are on the hacking agenda, according to the latest quarterly threat report from security


Apple wages battle to keep App Store malware-free

Apple is facing growing challenges keeping suspicious mobile applications out of its App Store marketplace. Wireless network engineers, network admins, and network security pros can expect above-average pay. Over the last two


XcodeGhost gets updated, now hits also US users

The XcodeGhost threat is far from over, and iOS users are still in danger of unknowingly using apps infected with it, FireEye researchers have warned. ‘After monitoring XcodeGhost related activity


Apple fixes 49 security vulnerabilities in iOS 9.1

Apple has fixed 49 separate security vulnerabilities in iOS 9.1. The company, which released the software on Wednesday for iPhones and iPads, detailed the flaws in its updated security documentation.


Apple pulls hundreds of iOS apps from its store for privacy violations

More than 250 apps have been pulled from the Apple App Store for secretly gathering users’ information including email addresses, device serial numbers and details of other installed apps. Apple’s


Advertising malware affects non-jailbroken iOS devices

YiSpecter is infecting iOS devices belonging to Chinese and Taiwanese users, and is the first piece of malware that successfully targets both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, Palo Alto Networks researchers


Researchers discover vulnerability in iOS app allowing malicious file attack

An arbitrary file upload vulnerability has been discovered in an iOS app that allows an attacker to deliver a malicious package during a file transfer operation. The app is Photos