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Cybercriminals using combination of Vidar Infostealer Malware and GandCrab Ransomware in single attack

Hearing the phrase “high-level threat intelligence”, the immediate reaction for many people would be to think of elite security analysts employed only by secretive government organisations and the world’s largest

Identity Theft

Top Five Data Breaches of 2018 in the Healthcare Sector

Over the last year, several data breaches and massive cyber attacks rocked the healthcare sector. The sector witnessed some of the its biggest breaches in 2018. Threat actors and hacker


The new landscape of pre-installed mobile malware: malicious code within

Here’s a scary thought: Mobile devices may soon come with pre-installed malware on required system apps. While it might sound like a grim foretelling, pre-installed mobile malware is an unfortunate

Industry Insights

Airbus CyberSecurity 2019 Predictions: The World Will See Its First Cybersecurity Treaty.

Extortion Attacks On OT And IIoT Infrastructure. Prediction: Critical Infrastructure Will Be Disrupted By A Major Extortion Attack. We’ve already seen extortion-driven attacks on infrastructure such as cities and ports,


Evasive Malware, Meet Evasive Phishing

In a previous column, I wrote about how evasive malware has become commoditized and described how the techniques being used in any given piece of malware had grown in number and sophistication—the


HIMSS new cybersecurity report: Christmas virus, holes in Kubernetes and the year’s worst passwords

Forget lumps of coal, the new nasty cybersecurity stocking stuffer comes in the form of a Christmas virus, or rather a few of them. And those aren’t the only unwelcome

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Strengthen Data Breach Defenses with Emulation Assessments

While cyber threats increase daily in volume and sophistication, data breach evaluation – an essential tool for validating the security of corporate and essential infrastructure – has lagged behind. This


Three MacOS Malware samples went undetected by most antivirus providers

Four months after the attack by a mysterious hacker group on Mac users, few of its MacOS malware samples went undetected by most of the antivirus providers. One of these


Cybersecurity Research Reveals IoT Vulnerabilities, Nation-State Threats

Year-end cybersecurity research reports reveal a security threat landscape that’s becoming more perilous, particular for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the rising threat of nation-state actors.Other cybersecurity issues highlighted


Prepare for the new royal wedding of IT: AI and cyber security

Phishing, cyber bots, multi-cloud strategies, zero trust, diversity in cyber and blockchain and cyber: we are set to enter a tumultuous period for cyber crime: but AI and cyber security