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Increased monetization means more ransomware attacks

Organizations are detecting and containing attacks faster as the global median dwell time, defined as the duration between the start of a cyber intrusion and it being identified, was 56


Recent ransomware attacks define the malware’s new age

By 2018, the ransomware boom seemed to have peaked. But over the past 24 months, shifts in hacker tactics have resulted in a resurgence of ransomware attacks Click here to

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Looking for a New Year’s Cyber Resolution? Perpetual Vigilance

Most people enjoy improvements and innovations when it comes to consumer electronics, but the unfortunate truth is that cybercriminals are innovating and improving their techniques and tactics as well. Click

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IBM X-Force: Hackers recycle previously stolen data to get into networks

Cybercriminals are not only sticking with traditional methods, such as phishing and exploitation of vulnerabilities, they are also recycling previously stolen credentials in hacking their way to an organization’s network,

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Ransomware Costs May Have Hit $170bn in 2019

There were nearly half a million ransomware infections reported globally last year, costing organizations at least $6.3bn in ransom demands alone, according to estimates from Emsisoft. Click here to view original webpage


More Cloud, More Hacks: 2020 Cyber Threats

Innovation is around every corner in today’s technology landscape, and cloud technologies are no exception. 2020 will continue to be a year of significant industry transformation, with the cloud service

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Cryptocurrency crime losses more than double to $4.5 billion in 2019

Cryptocurrency users, exchanges and investors suffered $4.5 billion in crypto-related losses resulting from thefts, hacks, and fraud, a CipherTrace report reveals. Click here to view original webpage at www.helpnetsecurity.com


The people factor: Understanding the psychology of cyberattacks

Exploring how cyberattacks can be targeted to exploit the psychology of your workforce. What makes for a successful cyberattack? Technology is one part of the picture, clearly. Click here to


Mailto Ransomware Hits Toll Group, Deliveries Across Australia Affected

Toll Group, Australia’s logistics giant, was targeted by a cybersecurity incident that compromised around 1,000 systems affecting local and global deliveries across the country. As per the findings of the

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How one Victorian council is addressing the growing cyber threat

Like many local government organisations, Moorabool Shire Council is a significant target for cybercrime, particularly targeted phishing attacks. Click here to view original webpage at www.cio.com