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Identity Theft

Don’t Let Privileged Accounts Be a Privilege to Outsiders

Privileged accounts are essential to businesses both big and small, but these accounts pose a greater security threat than meets the eye. Sometimes, clicking on a malicious link is all

Industry Insights

Security as the new innovation enabler

Ian Jenkins, Director, Network & Security -UK&I, VMware discusses in Information Age why we need to re-engineer our fundamental security model and consider security and innovation in tandem. The new normal

Industry Insights

Why Are Businesses Ignoring Security Threats?

A surveyed compiled at the RSA security conference showcases that lots of businesses are behind with proper security standards. Some company’s are completely ignoring security threats due to lack of

Industry Insights

A case for more accessible cybersecurity

If you’re a part of the infosec community, you’re likely all too familiar with the frantic calls, text messages and emails we receive from our friends and family about how


Retail and finance top the list of vulnerable industries, increasingly targeted with credential threat campaigns

The finance, professional, and information sectors had the highest volume and most variety of malicious activity in Q2 2018, says Rapid7, and the manufacturing sector is steadily getting more and


7 Serious IoT Vulnerabilities

A growing number of employees have various IoT devices in their homes – where they’re also connecting to an enterprise network to do their work. And that means significant threats


How automated, real-time detection can play a major role in avoiding scammers

By now, you’re likely to have heard of the great ‘Twitter purge’ that has taken place in the last few months. Over the course of May, June and July, the


Combatting daily security threats within the healthcare sector

Last year, we saw one of the most aggressive ransomware attacks on healthcare institutions around the world. WannaCry went viral on 12th May, causing widespread disruption to global IT systems and


What Is EMM And How Can It Help With Mobile Security?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the process of leveraging people and technology to secure sensitive data present on employee devices. EMM automates security configurations on devices so they’re ready for


Talking To The Board About Information Security

CIO at Okta, a leader in providing cloud-based solutions for secure access to critical business systems.Briefing a board of directors on the status of your company’s information security program is a