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How employee behavior impacts cybersecurity effectiveness

A recent OpenVPN survey discovered 25 percent of employees, reuse the same password for everything. And 23 percent of employees admit to very frequently clicking on links before verifying they lead to


Beguiling Apple with Malicious Code

Nefarious actors who successfully exploit a newly discovered vulnerability in Apple code signing can potentially deceive third-party tools into believing their code is Apple approved. Today, the Okta Research and Exploitation (REX) researcher who uncovered

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Train Your Employees to Think for Themselves in Data Security

Employers have learned (the hard way) that one of the biggest security threats in the organization is their own staff. A report published by Ipswitch looks at data breach causes to find

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4 Ways Startups Can Protect Themselves from Cybersecurity Threats

When you first start a business there are, what feels like, an infinite number of things that must be done. You must have merchandise or services available, a bookkeeping system,

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Top eight security threats every small business CEO should know about

Cybercriminals work around the clock to create new threats, so small businesses must remain vigilant to a persistent and evolving threat. Cyber attacks are on the rise – according to

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How security leaders can be empowered to drive results

The overwhelming demands on security leaders today can have a paralyzing effect. Gartner analysts provided guidance to security and risk leaders and practitioners on how to be empowered to adapt


Is there a patch for my users?

All it takes is one successful phishing email to persuade just one user to hand over their organizations login details. Once that hacker gains entry to your systems, you’re not

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Rising Nation Cyber Attacks from Lebanon & the Netherlands

Optiv Security, the world’s leading security solutions integrator, has published its 2018 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate (CTIE) which details the current state of the cyber-threat landscape and uses estimative intelligence to predict


Five Security “Gotchas” for MSPs

Managed service providers (MSPs) serve a broad range of markets, from construction to healthcare; accounting to legal; staffing firms to manufacturing, media and advertising to technology. Even across these diverse


Security! The Top 5 Mobile Device Threats; Cryptomining Surges

Some obvious and not-so-obvious steps to take to stay secure on mobile devices.Security threats to mobile devices, which are an integral part of member lives and credit unions through digital