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Rising Nation Cyber Attacks from Lebanon & the Netherlands

Optiv Security, the world’s leading security solutions integrator, has published its 2018 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate (CTIE) which details the current state of the cyber-threat landscape and uses estimative intelligence to predict


Five Security “Gotchas” for MSPs

Managed service providers (MSPs) serve a broad range of markets, from construction to healthcare; accounting to legal; staffing firms to manufacturing, media and advertising to technology. Even across these diverse


Security! The Top 5 Mobile Device Threats; Cryptomining Surges

Some obvious and not-so-obvious steps to take to stay secure on mobile devices.Security threats to mobile devices, which are an integral part of member lives and credit unions through digital


Botnets present 195,000 security threats every day

More than 100 million unique targets are being hit on a daily basis.Botnets, networks of infected machines that are used by cybercriminals everywhere to do their sinister bidding, are still


Most Web Apps Contain High-Severity Vulnerabilities

An analysis of web applications shows that 94% of applications tested had at least one high-severity vulnerability.According to Positive Technologies’ Web Application Vulnerabilities in 2017 report, collated through the security


83% Of Enterprises Are Complacent About Mobile Security

These and many other insights are from the recently published Verizon Mobile Security Index 2018 Report. The report is available here for download (22 pp., PDF, no opt-in). Verizon commissioned


Open source software security challenges persist

Using open source components saves developers time and companies money. In other words, it’s here to stay. Here’s a look at what it will take to improve open source security.

Identity Theft

4 main reasons why SMEs and SMBs fail after a major cyberattack

The challenges SMEs and SMBs face and what to do about them.We live in a time when malicious cyber attacks happen every minute, every day, all over the world. Companies

Industry Insights

8 Security Spring Cleaning Tips for the Home Office

Use these ideas to sharpen up your home office machine against potential intruders. Officially, it became spring early last week, although people in the snowbound Northeast are anxiously awaiting the


Businesses suspect their mobile workers are being hacked

More than half (57%) of organisations suspect their mobile workers have been hacked or caused a mobile security issue in the last 12 months, according to the iPass Mobile Security