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Improving Enterprise Email Security: Systems and Tips

You simply cannot rely on outdated e-mail security technology any longer. Threats are growing increasingly sophisticated, targeted dynamic, and attackers are looking to exploit any vulnerability – including zero-day vulnerabilities


Cyber-Attacks in 2015 Reveal Unknown Flaws in Flash, Windows

Cyber-attackers continue to use zero-day software vulnerability to compromise high-value sites, while research into security flaws is increasingly focusing on devices and appliances, according to data from vulnerability management firm

Industry Insights

How businesses can stem the flow of leaky data

The privacy and security of corporate data is at risk like never before. Not only are businesses faced with an ever-growing variety of security threats, from sophisticated, targeted attacks, to


Zero Day vulnerability lets hackers crack SOHO routers

20 months of idealism has come to nothing, so the Zero Day Ingenuity (ZDI) has opened up to the world about a vulnerability in the Realtek SDK that is acquired


What is a zero-day attack, and can anything defend against it? – Digital Trends

Both rely on the network security community as a whole to come together for the greater good, contributing information on any zero days found in the ether and informing hardware manufacturers and software developers


‘No iOS Zone’ Wi-Fi zero-day bug forces iPhones, iPads to crash and burn

RSA 2015  Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit have revealed a zero-day vulnerability in iOS 8 that, when exploited by a malicious wireless hotspot, will repeatedly crash nearby Apple iPhones, iPads


Zero-Day Malvertising Attack Went Undetected For Two Months

Cybercriminals deployed an Adobe Flash Player zero-day exploit embedded in online ads for close to two months in an attack that targeted US users with a ransomware payload, researchers said

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TheRealDeal dark market appears online

A new Dark Web market called “TheRealDeal” has opened up, which focuses on selling zero-day exploits. Launching last month, TheRealDeal makes use of Tor anonymity software and the digital currency


APT group used zero-days against diplomatic targets

A widely reported Russian cyber spying campaign against diplomatic targets has been using two previously unknown flaws in software to penetrate target machines. According to FireEye, the espionage effort took

Identity Theft

When you Can’t Stop a Breach, you Should Still be Able to Spot it

Retailers have had an Annus Horribilis to quote Queen Elizabeth II. Target, Home Depot, Michael’s, Dairy Queen, Sony – the list is endless. What is going wrong? Mark Kedgley notes that the