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Seagate acknowledges NAS 0-day, announces patch for May

After security researcher OJ Reeves publicly revealed the existence of a remote code execution zero-day flaw affecting Seagate's Business Storage 2-Bay NAS line of products and published a Metasploit …


MailGuard discovers zero day Cryptor variant vulnerability

Melbourne based email security provider, MailGuard, have identified a new form of malware propagation where trojan downloaders are being embedded in .chm documents. Read the source article at arnnet.com.au

Industry Insights

Mitigating zero-day threats

“These hackers take advantage of the fact that no one is aware of them, and haven’t yet issued a patch.” Blaeser says zero-day exploits are often uncovered by hackers themselves,


January marked by Java, Flash vulnerabilities

Newly-disclosed vulnerabilities in Flash and Java were the ones to watch out for this winter, according to a new report by Copenhagen-based security firm Secunia. “Adobe Flash came out really


Older Version of Adobe Flash Player Blocked by Apple After Multiple Exploits

The plugin was first attacked by hackers in the so-called Zero-Day exploit, which was followed by malicious adware attacks and last week a third attack was made, again trying to inflict users


Adobe issues emergency fix for Flash zero-day

Even if you are unpatched, good “defence-in-depth” malware prevention can stop you getting infected. That’s because the crooks generally need to get you through a sequence of “insecurity hoops”, including


Attackers are exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Flash Player

Attackers are using compromised websites to exploit a new and currently unpatched vulnerability in Flash Player, a malware researcher has reported. Read the source article at Computerworld Singapore

Industry Insights

Cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, and the Role of Government

Today there is a constant dynamic at play of researchers finding holes and acting to plug them or criminals exploiting them first in so-called zero-day attacks. To put this in

Vendor News

Invincea Secures Core IP in Advanced Threat Protection Endpoint Security

“The award of these patents on our core IP dating back to 2007 secures Invincea’s intellectual property in defining its market leading isolation and containerization approaches for protection against cyber


US Gov Insists It Doesn’t Stockpile Zero-Day Exploits to Hack Enemies – Wired

Government sources told the New York Times last spring that any time the NSA discovers a major flaw in software it has to disclose the vulnerability to the vendor and