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2016 Saw 702 Million Exploit Attempts – Infosecurity Magazine

In 2016, there were 702 million attempts to launch an exploit, according to Kaspersky Lab. This is 24.54% more than in 2015, when Kaspersky protection technologies blocked just over 563


Millions of mobile phones and laptops potentially exposed to attack leveraging baseband zero-daysSecurity Affairs

The researcher Ralf-Phillip Weinmann, managing director at security firm Comsecuris, has disclosed a zero-day baseband vulnerability affecting Huawei smartphones, laptop WWAN modules, and IoT components. Click here to view original web


MS Office zero-day exploited in attacks – no enabling of macros required! – Help Net Security

A new zero-day flaw affecting all versions of Microsoft Office is being exploited in attacks in the wild, and no user is safe – not even those who use a


10 cyber-security threats business leaders need to know about

From word processing, accounting packages and emails to process automation, just in time shipping and online sales and marketing, the hardware and software that drives modern businesses have enabled massive


Zero-day threats make up 30% of malware in new WatchGuard cybersecurity study – GeekWire

New cybersecurity threats are challenging the ability of technology companies and traditional antivirus software companies to keep up, according to a new report from Seattle-based network security company WatchGuard Technologies. Click


Windows zero-day affects 600,000 older servers, but likely won’t be patched – ZDNet

A previously-undisclosed security flaw in an older Windows web server won’t be patched, despite hundreds of thousands of servers still running the outdated software. Click here to view original webpage


New Research Reveals That 30 Percent Of Malware Attacks Are Zero Day Exploits – Information Security Buzz

Embargoed. Thirty percent of malware can be classified as new or zero-day because it cannot be caught by legacy antivirus solutions, according to research published today in WatchGuard’s first Quarterly Internet

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Welcome to Cybersecurity in Public Sector

It’s like the scene in a movie when the good guy pulls out a knife thinking he has the upper hand over the villain…. and out of nowhere the bad


Exploit for Windows DoS zero-day published, patch out on Tuesday? – Help Net Security

A zero-day bug affecting Windows 10, 8.1, Windows Server 2012 and 2016 can be exploited to crash a vulnerable system and possibly even to compromise it. Click here to view


WordPress kept users and hackers in the dark while secretly fixing critical zero-day – Help Net Security

Last week WordPress released the newest version (4.7.2) of the popular CMS, ostensibly fixing three security issues affecting versions 4.7.1 and earlier. Click here to view original web page at