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Identity Theft

Up to 750,000 Japan Airlines customers’ details leaked

Japan Airlines (JAL) has confirmed that the personal information of up to 750,000 JAL miles club members were leaked following unauthorised access of the airline’s database by an external server

BYOD/Big Data

Bring Your Own Device to Work (Mike Wilson Expert Advice)

Clearly, we are now well into the BYOD — Bring Your Own Device — era. BYOD has been a part of today’s workplace since at least the introduction of the


Dragonfly Malware Targets Pharmaceutical Industry

Beldon, a communication and electronics company, reports that a new malware threat namely Dragonfly could steal the intellectual property of pharmaceutical industry. reported on 17th September, 2014 stating that

Identity Theft

ID theft cases soar

In the simplest terms, identity theft is when someone steals personal information from someone else for financial gain. Data breaches, Madigan explained, are also becoming more common. They range from


Your mobile phone may be sending your data ‘back home’

When popular Chinese handset maker Xiaomi Inc admitted that its devices were sending users’ personal information back to a server in China, it prompted howls of protest and an investigation


New trends seen in enterprise network infrastructure, security

The networking and security industries are evolving rapidly. Here are Fortinet’s views on the most important developments and technologies to look out for in 2015. Security breaches and data leakage


Why Uncovering a Network Security Breach May Take Weeks or Months

The discreet methods of hackers make it an offensive extremely hard to detect. Both large and small companies are at risk. There’s been an understandable but unfair question being raised by

Hardware/Network Identity Theft

Mozilla Exposes 97000 Bugzilla User Passwords

Starting on or about May 4, 2014, database dump files containing users’ email addresses and encrypted passwords of about 97,000 users of Bugzilla software test builds were posted on a


Heartbleed Attacks Still Actively Targeting Vulnerable Servers, Says IBM

The Heartbleed bug, the open-source vulnerability believed to have been behind the breach of possibly millions of leaked records at Community Health Systems, is being actively targeted by criminals despite

Identity Theft

Data Breach Battle Plan

It’s not something we want to live with, but data breaches at some of America’s largest retailers has become a constant cyber-battle that affects all of us.In the past year,