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Could a shutdown ignite insider threats?

The 35-day government shutdown may be on a brief hiatus, but with the temporary deal to fund federal departments slotted to end on Feb. 15, many government workers are worried

That VPN may not be as secure as you think

Researchers found some subscription VPN services have programming errors that cause leaks, monitor user traffic, and lack privacy policies — all reasons to set up your own VPN server. If

Printer-related security risks on the rise

Businesses that are relying heavily on print are putting themselves at plenty of unnecessary risk.Businesses that are relying heavily on print are putting themselves at plenty of unnecessary security risk, a new

Attackers repackage popular Android VPN app with Triout malware

Triout malware was first detected in August 2018 which infected Android applications and had spyware capabilities such as recording phone calls and text messages, and more. Recently, the malware was

Senators Urge Security Audit of Foreign VPNs

Two US senators have called for an urgent investigation into whether foreign-owned Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) represent a risk to national security. Ron Wyden and Marco Rubio signed a joint

What is an advanced persistent threat (APT)? And 5 signs you’ve been hit with one

Do you have valuable data on your network? Noticing odd network behavior? You could be the victim of an APT attack. An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a cyberattack executed

Denial-of-Service and Man-in-the-middle vulnerabilities found in Smart scale IoT device

An IoT device analyzed by researchers was found to have four security flaws that could allow attackers to perform denial of service (DoS) and man-in-the-middle(MITM) attacks.  The device’s associated mobile

Converged IT and OT to Advance Security Maturity

The convergence of IT, operational technology (OT) and industrial internet of things (IIoT) has raised concerns about cybersecurity, safety and data privacy for many organizations, according to a new Ponemon Institute study. Released

IoT Scale Flaws Enable Denial of Service, Privacy Issues

Flaws in this connected smart scale might give the diet-challenged a legitimate reason to be nervous about using this vulnerable IoT device.Here is an internet of things flaw that can

Safer Internet Day: Are you where you think you are?

Safer Internet Day is an excellent opportunity for users of all kinds to brush up on their cyber safety knowledge — although security practice should be maintained on all days, it