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The Best Security for Wireless Networks

WPA2-AES is the best option for wireless network security. We look at wireless router security, password strength, guest and public wi-fi security, and closing router backdoor.Congratulations for being here, for

Unlimited DDoS protection the new norm after Cloudflare announcement

With Cloudflare ending surge pricing for DDoS protection services, all website owners are protected equally and potential attack damage is limited. Click Here To VIew Original Webpage at www.csoonline.com

Why companies don’t adopt new enterprise security technologies

Hype, confusion and technobabble hinder cybersecurity purchasing decisions and ongoing operations.Last week, I wrote about the rapid cycle of innovation happening with security technologies today — I’ve never experienced a time when

DDoS attacks: Brands have plenty to lose, even if attacked only once

DDoS attacks continue to be an effective means to distract and confuse security teams while inflicting serious damage on brands. Neustar discovered that brands experienced a 27 percent increase in

New research reveals worrying complacency in European DDoS mitigation

A new European report released today by CDNetworks, the global content delivery network (CDN) and cloud security provider, has revealed that spending on DDoS mitigation in the UK and DACH

Investigation reveals large botnet hiding behind Fast Flux technique

Fast Flux, a DNS technique first introduced in 2006 and widely associated with the Storm Worm malware variants, can be used by botnets to hide various types of malicious activities

4G/5G Wireless Networks as Vulnerable as WiFi and putting SmartCities at Risk

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents many new opportunities and some different challenges. The vast number of devices makes it very expensive to connect everything with traditional network cabling and

Five Key Differences Between Personal and Enterprise Endpoint Security

While we sometimes hear the term endpoint security used to describe the needs of both enterprises and individual consumers, the two differ greatly. Consumer endpoint security often refers to standard

Forget What You Think You Know About IoT Security

Speaking in the keynote theatre at Infosecurity North America, Phillip Miller, head of Infrastructure & CISO at Brooks Brothers, said that in an age where both connected consumer and industrial devices

How to secure the IIoT: A Q&A with GE’s CISO

Manufacturing giant GE takes a holistic approach to industrial internet of things (IIoT) security that integrates enterprise and product security. CISO Nasrin Rezai explains why this is important and how