About Us

The Cyber Security Place is dedicated to collecting and disseminating pertinent Cyber Security matters threatening financial and business operations of companies around the globe.

Cyber Security threats are growing at epidemic proportions. Last year, the global cost of Cyber crime was estimated in excess of $500 billion effecting companies of all sizes.

As corporate computing expands and data shared across networks, devices and internet, the risk of targeted attacks increase exponentially.

While corporate dependency on cyberspace has increased at a staggering pace, immense pressures to maintain proper governance controls and eradicate security vulnerabilities continue to challenge corporations of all sizes.

This makes the future unsettling. While there is unanimity that Cyberspace is remarkably useful, the inherent menacing openness creates a plethora of internal and external exposures. TheCyberSecurityPlace is the forum for addressing all aspects of Cyber Security.

Our coverage areas include information that business personnel will find useful and relevant in the areas of: