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Securing Your Organization’s Human Layer

In my time in the trenches, and in my previous role as a Gartner research analyst and industry advisor, I spent a LOT of time helping organizations across the world

Most US consumers don’t trust companies to keep their data private

While a majority of the US public sees companies’ ability to keep data private as absolutely key, it has little trust in companies to do so. In fact, only 20

How to Safeguard Your Business Against Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is one of the biggest threats facing UK businesses today, costing around £30 billion a year. As a result, it’s something businesses need to start taking seriously !The

85 Percent of Consumers Say Businesses Should Be Doing More to Actively Protect Their Data

A new survey shows that 78 percent of U.S. respondents say a company’s ability to keep their data private is “extremely important” and only 20 percent “completely trust” organizations they

Large scale data breaches provide drive for DevSecOps investments

Breaches related to open source components have grown 50 percent since 2017, and an eye-opening 121 percent since 2014, according to a new survey from open source governance and DevSecOps

How to do More With Less in Cybersecurity

The chasm between supply and demand for cybersecurity expertise is widening at an alarming rate. Frost & Sullivan forecasts a shortfall of 1.5 million IT security staff by 2020 which,

What is cyber security? How to build a cyber security strategy

Organizations face many threats to their information systems and data. Understanding all the basic elements to cyber security is the first step to meeting those threats.Cyber security is the practice

How security researchers deal with risks stemming from their activities

Broad and inconsistent interpretations of behind the times laws, new anti-infosec legislation, lawsuits and criminal prosecutions are having a chilling effect on security research. security researchers risk management. Click here

What’s your security story? How to use security as a sales tool

Positioning security as a value-add to the business rather than a necessary evil is a challenge for many organizations. Since the dawn of enterprise computing, information security has generally been

2.6 billion records were stolen, lost or exposed worldwide in 2017

Gemalto released the latest findings of the Breach Level Index, revealing that 2.6 billion records were stolen, lost or exposed worldwide in 2017, an 88% increase from 2016. While data