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Should non-security functions get more involved in cybersecurity?

According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 100 percent of respondents believe soft skills are important when hiring for their security teams. The three most important soft skills cited

Digital transformation and the loss of security control

Unpatched web infrastructure and de-centralised web management practices are leaving UK organisations vulnerable to cyber-attacks and high profile data breaches. New RiskIQ research reveals a loss of control amongst the

SMEs in financial denial about the cost of a cyber-attack

SMEs will look to pass on cyber-attack costs to their external IT support. Fixing a cyber-attack goes beyond the server room. Three quarters of SMEs have not set aside any

How to survive the worsening cyber threat landscape

Industry and government cybersecurity experts offer advice for protecting business assets and reputation in an increasingly dangerous cyber threat landscape.Don’t expect the cyber threat landscape to get safer anytime soon.

Pay Attention to These 5 Security Tips When Buying Cryptocurrencies

There are many ongoing discussions about the use of blockchain across various industries and markets.In short, it is the distributed ledger technology or underlying foundation of Bitcoin, one of the

Cyber security in the workplace is everyone’s business

As the threat of cyber attacks grow, it is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace to help and try to mitigate the risks posed.Many organisations that experience a breach

Inventive cyber gang steals millions from East European banks

Trustwave researchers have uncovered a series of ingenious bank heists that cost several Eastern European and Russian banks up to $10 millions each, and they believe financial institutions in European,

Cyber defence is being transformed by autonomous response

Organisations are completely transforming the way they defend against cyber threats by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.Discussions around AI cyber defence have traditionally focused on the ability of advanced

Three Costly Mistakes in Responding to Security Incidents – And What To Do Instead

It’s all about time; responding promptly to the threat of any cyber incident is the most important part of any response. However, according to a recent white paper (PDF) from security consultant Derek

Cyber-attacks as dangerous as terrorism, GCHQ head says

GCHQ says there had been almost 600 ‘significant’ cyber-attacks in the last year, all of which needed a national response.Cyber-attacks are as serious of a threat as terrorism, the head