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5 Top Pieces Of Advice For CISOs

The cyber security market is overwhelmed by buzzwords. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain – all this attacks CISOs from every possible angle, from webinars and conferences to the media. Most

Security by Design – Security Risk Owners

This is the third part of a multi-part series on security program design. The previous article highlighted the security design process at a fairly high level. This iteration dives deeper

Security at the Speed of Business

Agile security at the speed of business is simply a concept where security is thought of as part of the design from end to end. Otherwise, systems must be patched,

Why is the Lucrative Cybersecurity Field still Struggling to Hook Prospective Practitioners?

The belief that the field of cybersecurity offers individuals job security and above average pay has become generally accepted in today’s interconnected world. These beliefs are bolstered by hard facts,

Execs don’t believe their companies learn the right lessons in cybersecurity

A majority of executives around the world feel their organizations can do better when it comes to learning from their past cyber mistakes, according to the results of a newly

Poor router security is making Brits vulnerable to cyberattacks

UK consumers are putting themselves at risk of attack by failing to update the security protection on home hardware such as routers.A study by Avast has found that many users

What Does The 2018 World Cup Teach Us About Resilience?

The World Cup draws upon us again this summer, a sporting event that will no doubt delight football fans across the globe. With the squads confirmed and the kick off date set for

Working through the cybersecurity skills gap

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of qualified personnel in the field of cybersecurity. It’s a problem that has long been noticed and one that is projected to get

Cyber-Physical Systems Are at Risk

Cyber-physical Systems (CPSs) have become the core components of safety-critical infrastructures such as smart grid, Building Automation Networks (BANs) and water/sewage plants.CPSs bridge the cyber and the physical worlds by

Next-Gen Cybersecurity for Trucking

The transportation industry is midway through the CALSTART 2018 Cyber Truck Challenge, and Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) has announced that the University of Tulsa (TU) is working to develop a truck cybersecurity device. Cyber