Artificial Intelligence

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Researchers use AI and create early warning system to identify disinformation online

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame are using artificial intelligence to develop an early warning system that will identify manipulated images, deepfake videos and disinformation online. Click here to view original webpage at

Israel converts AI cyber-security defence system for predicting COVID-19 outbreak

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, a state-owned Israeli technology company, said Wednesday that it converted an artificial intelligence (AI) cyber-security defence system to predict coronavirus outbreak locations. Click here to view

Are you protecting your AI innovations?

The right AI innovation has the potential to bring you leagues above the competition. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) include both simple quality of life upgrades and transformative innovations spanning

How AI Makes Big Data Smarter

The artificial intelligence (AI) road from unlimited (yet largely nonspecific) potential to concrete, specific business benefits, is like taking a long road trip with kids — palpable excitement alternated with

AI efforts are maturing from prototype to production, but obstacles remain

More than half of enterprises are in the “mature” phase of AI adoption – defined by those currently using AI for analysis or in production – while about one third are evaluating

The Human Element in Security is Still Needed to Combat Application Vulnerabilities

While over half of organizations use artificial intelligence or machine learning in their security stack, nearly 60 percent are still more confident in cyberthreat findings verified by humans over AI,

How Artificial Intelligence and Automation may reshape supply chain roles as we know them?

Technological advancements throughout time have caused periods of huge change across industries and jobs roles. Currently, it is the rapid advances in automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies which have

The road to AI – speedy and full of blind spots

Essential that organisations invest the necessary time and resources to get security and ethics right. It is fair to say that artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Newspapers and magazines are

Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain in Agriculture Sector

The most known application of blockchain has manifested in the form of cryptocurrencies, although there are a number of sectors where the integration of open ledger technology can result in


Artificial intelligence has transformed pretty much every industry in which it’s been embraced, including healthcare, the stock markets, and, increasingly, cybersecurity, where it’s being utilized to both enhance human work