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How cloud technology is transforming the healthcare industry

All over the world, many governments face countless issues in their quest for a digitised health service. The healthcare system, as a whole, faces unprecedented challenges, thanks to a reduction

The risk of cybersecurity attacks as workloads move to the cloud

Many IT organisations have shifted their focus from cloud migration to cloud operations. While most expect cloud infrastructure to bring about improved security, a recent report from the Ixia Application

Moving to the Public Cloud? Security Starts With You

Organizations recognize that the cloud is a key enabler of digital transformation, allowing them to innovate faster, improve business agility, and accelerate time to market. As they reinvent business models

The importance of understanding your cloud application attack surface

Many of today’s available security tools have evolved over years with a focus on a specific problem, one that is static and often very slow.You’ve decided to move to the

End-to-end security requires multi-vendor automation

To make it easier to use security tools from multiple vendors, as well as bake security into the development process, Fortinet introduces Fabric Connectors and DevOps integration.The concept of “end-to-end”

Cloud-based software: is it right for your business?

The reality of technology is often different than what is popularly portrayed: in the vast majority of cases, there are tangible advantages and disadvantages associated with any new innovation, and

Five on-the-Ground Insights on Implementing Endpoint Security in the Cloud

Today’s “access-everything-anywhere-anytime” mobile data environment is great news for business productivity and performance but on the flipside it’s also a huge opportunity for cybercriminals. The increasing multitude of endpoints represents

How do you secure the cloud? New data points a way

New reports show big differences in risk among public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. Here’s advice on the tools, information, and organizational structure needed to execute a successful cloud security

Preventing the Cloud from Becoming a Digital Dumping Ground

The Infosec CIA triad of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability are just as applicable today as they were many years ago. In recent years, confidentiality has gone out the window as

Security lockdown: cloud and physical worlds converge

It’s the information age of buildings; the smart building world, where wholly connected buildings are springing up in the globe’s move towards entire smart cities. Click here to view original