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Prioritizing Healthcare Cloud Security in App Transitions

In working with a vast variety of different types of healthcare organizations, I’m certainly seeing a trend continue to grow. Healthcare is moving to cloud. This means growing from $3.73

Protecting your cloud from ransomware – Help Net Security

For enterprises that use the cloud, the key to being protected starts with understanding the layers that make up the components of their cloud stack. These different layers create multiple

Is protected health information safe in the cloud? – Network World

Many healthcare providers face the decision on if they should store protected health information (PHI) in the cloud. There are benefits and concerns to storing PHI in the cloud, and

Why Cloud Security Needs Visibility-as-a-Service – Cloud Computing Security content from Talkin’ Cloud

Whether you are a network administrator, security manager, or CIO, how would you feel if you were unable to see and manage major parts of your network environment? This is

Seven tips for staying safe in the cloud – ITProPortal

The rise of the cloud has, for the first time ever, allowed businesses to truly operate independent of location and geography, but it’s also created a new class of security

Avoid new cloud security threats with continuous monitoring, testing

With high-profile data breaches often in headlines, cloud security threats are a top concern for enterprises. And, given the fast-paced and self-service nature of cloud computing, IT teams need to

Cloud Security Must Haves for Banks – ReadItQuik

As next-gen hybrid cloud platforms address costs, data privacy and security, they have piqued the interests of banks, who are looking for innovative, transparent, and cost-effective solutions that address their

Cloud ‘will soon be the default security option’ – Cloud Pro

Security delivered through the cloud will become the new normal, it has been claimed. Speaking at Aruba EMEA Atmosphere in Paris, Thomas Meyer, group VP for analyst firm IDC’s IT

3 Simple Steps for Expanding Your Knowledge of Cloud Security

As cloud storage grows in adoption, both among businesses and for personal users, the discussion of security becomes increasingly vital. It’s clear that many users desire better cloud security knowledge.

Healthcare cyberattacks necessitate use of cloud security tools

Cloud-based security tools can offer healthcare organizations around-the-clock monitoring and protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premises tools. Click here to view original web page at