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Cloud + BYOD + IoT = Major Security Gaps

Despite having hundreds of tools at their disposal, IT and security teams are rapidly losing sight of their asset landscape. Click here to view original webpage at

Applying the 80/20 Rule to Cloud Security

The 80/20 rule, which was first introduced as Pareto’s principle in 1941 by American engineer Joseph Juran, suggests that 20 percent of your activities (in life, business, athletics, etc.) will

Multi-Cloud & Edge Deployments Threatened by security and Connectivity Problems

Organizations face major infrastructure and security challenges in supporting multi-cloud and edge deployments, according to a Volterra survey of more than 400 IT executives. Click here to view original webpage at

Europe’s Gaia-X Cloud Service Faces a Difficult Future

In January, Microsoft reported its fiscal 2020 second quarter results. Among the company’s many impressive accomplishments is a 62% growth (yeay-over-year) of its Azure cloud service. This secures the company’s

Exploring the impact that hybrid cloud is having on enterprise security and IT teams

While enterprises rapidly transition to the public cloud, complexity is increasing, but visibility and team sizes are decreasing while security budgets remain flat to pose a significant obstacle to preventing data breaches, according

Cloud Security Risks Will Be a Top Concern for Organizations in 2020

“The Cloud” enters its third decade in 2020 and is now almost universally adopted by most organizations. But boards and senior management are becoming increasingly concerned by the security risks

Cloud-based collaboration tools are a major driver of data exfiltration

Cloud-based collaboration technologies and workforce turnover have become major drivers of data exfiltration as insider threat programs fail to keep pace with today’s digital workplace, a Code42 survey reveals. Click

How To Manage Complex Cloud Security

Moving to the cloud means new services, approaches and new technology. One of the core changes is the use of different security systems, both on-premise and in the cloud. This

Cloud-enabled threats are on the rise, sensitive data is moving between cloud apps

44% of malicious threats are cloud enabled, meaning that cybercriminals see the cloud as an effective method for subverting detection, according to Netskope. Click here to view original webpage at

IT & Business Process Automation Growing with Cloud Architectures

Many organizations are starting to realize the benefits of increased scale and velocity of application deployment in their businesses, according to F5 Networks. Click here to view original webpage at