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Encryption’s role in GDPR compliance and cloud data security

It has never been more important to review all IT security practices and avoid becoming a statistic.Security of data in the cloud is a hot topic, especially with so many

The modern security landscape is evolving: what you need to know

The emergence of apps, the cloud and other practices require rethinking security.The landscape around modern security practices is rapidly evolving and complex. As containers gain mainstream momentum, practices such as

Sad state of enterprise cloud infrastructure governance

A new survey of more than 300 IT professionals, conducted by Propeller Insights in October 2017, revealed that the state of enterprise cloud infrastructure governance is extremely poor.In spite of

Evolving Cloud-Native Applications Require New Best Practices

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud-native applications to gain speed, flexibility and scalability. But this new technology radically changes the way software operates and interacts, which also changes the ways

Cloud security today: Complexity, compliance, and containerization

An new report by Threat Stack and ESG sheds light on the security and business challenges that accompany the growth of public cloud environments and containers. Overall, the findings show

GDPR has businesses worried about cloud services

More than nine in ten (93 per cent) of companies worry about storing their data in the cloud, once GDPR kicks in, new research has claimed.A report from cloud solutions

Why Identity Protection in the Cloud Matters

The IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey revealed that 70% of organizations have already migrated at least one application to the cloud, and an additional 16% are planning to do so.

Finding The Right Balance For Cloud Security

Cloud and security are in conflict in the minds of many people. The cloud is all about speed and agility, while security is traditionally a drag that slows things down.

Proving, Without a Shadow of Doubt, The Acceptability of the Public Cloud for Legal Data

By Bill Tolson, Vice President of Marketing at Archive 360 ( There are a number of benefits that present a persuasive business case for attorney’s leveraging public cloud storage which

Fail-Safe Security: Protecting Data From Cloud and Third-Party Risks With Encryption

Fail-safe is not just a term that evokes the Cold War era — it is a basic principle of safety and security engineering. Things will inevitably go wrong, and when