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How do you secure the cloud? New data points a way

Reports show big differences in risk among public, private and hybrid cloud deployments. Here’s advice on the tools, information and organizational structure needed to execute a successful cloud security strategy.

Cloud Migration Journey is more Complex than Anticipated for Innovation and Efficiency

Two-thirds of large enterprises are not realizing the full benefits of their cloud migration journeys identifying security and the complexity of business and operational change as barriers, according to Accenture.

Organizations Face Operational Deficiencies as they deal with Hybrid IT Complexities

While enterprises are taking advantage of cloud computing, all enterprises have on-going data center dependencies, a Pulse Secure report reveals. Click here to view original webpage at

The Security Challenges of Managing Complex Cloud Environments

Holistic cloud visibility and control over increasingly complex environments are essential for successful deployments in various cloud scenarios, a Cloud Security Alliance and AlgoSec study reveals. Click here to view original webpage

Cloud security: What every tech leader needs to know

Enterprises that move to the cloud enjoy clear benefits – namely redundancy, cost savings and easy integration. Enterprises that move to the cloud enjoy clear benefits – namely redundancy, cost

Executing a multi-cloud strategy: Crawl, walk, run

Despite many challenges, enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud computing in an effort to become more agile, lower IT costs, and have the ability to scale. Most of those companies have or are

Reduce Security Complexity for Cloud Architectures

As businesses build increasingly complex IT infrastructures consisting of public, private, and hybrid cloud instances, securing these frameworks has become the cornerstone of IT strategy. Many security fundamentals remain unchanged,

Security and compliance obstacles among the top challenges for cloud native adoption

Cloud native adoption has become an important trend among organizations as they move to embrace and employ a combination of cloud, containers, orchestration, and microservices to keep up with customers’

How to Build a Cloud Security Model

Security experts point to seven crucial steps companies should be taking as they move data and processes to cloud environments. More and more businesses are deploying applications, operations, and infrastructure

Debunking the Discourse Around Cloud Security

Dive through the recent Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) research and you’ll see that cloud spending has finally overtaken on-premise security spending, and this gap is expected to widen significantly over the next