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Redefining Cybersecurity Coverage to Reflect Next Generation Digital Transformation

The way analysts looked at the cybersecurity market five years ago is not the way they should be looking at it in 2018 and beyond. That’s the message from IDC’s

1-in-4 orgs using public cloud has had data stolen

McAfee has polled 1,400 IT professionals across a broad set of countries (and continents), industries, and organization sizes and has concluded that lack of adequate visibility and control is the

5 Ways Cloud Computing Is Changing the Business World

It wasn’t that long ago when people used to say, “I left that file on my computer. I’ll have to send it to you when I get back to the

Organizations want to leverage the cloud but are held back by security misconceptions

iboss has published the findings of its 2018 Enterprise Cloud Trends report. The survey of IT decision makers and office workers in U.S. enterprises found that 64% of IT decision

Avoid These Security Mistakes During Cloud Migration

The headlong rush to the cloud continues to accelerate, promising increased efficiency, flexibility and security, but CSOs are not off the hook when it comes to fortifying the privacy and

Why Multi-cloud Security Requires Rethinking Network

The Need to Rethink Security For Our Cloud Applications Has Become Urgent. Companies are utilizing the public cloud as their primary route to market for creating and delivering innovative applications.

Is Security Accelerating Your Business?

With an ever-growing list of security and compliance requirements, security can hinder or slow business initiatives. Is your security department stuck in slow gear or can it go faster? There’s

2018 Cloud Security Report Released Today

Crowd Research Partners today released the 2018 Cloud Security Report which includes the following takeaways. Cloud Security Issues-The top three security control challenges security operations centers (SOCs) are struggling with

Cloud Security Concerns Surge

While adoption of cloud computing continues to surge, security concerns are showing no signs of abating. After several years of a downward trend, 90% of cybersecurity professionals confirm they are

Five on-the-ground insights on implementing endpoint security in the cloud

Today’s “access-everything-anywhere-anytime” mobile data environment is great news for business productivity and performance but on the flipside it’s also a huge opportunity for cybercriminals. The increasing multitude of endpoints represents