Identity Theft

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GDPR and cyber-risk insurance: how can insurers improve their cyber-risk products

Just shy of GDPR’s two-year anniversary, businesses, from large multinationals to the corner store, must consider data protection in their operations. Faced with new requirements, such as data security, prudent

Eight Million Shopper Records Leaked Online

Nearly eight million sales records containing the personal information of UK shoppers have been discovered exposed to the public-facing internet, after another cloud misconfiguration Click here to view original webpage

Data protection – your business’ reputation is at stake unless you take action

Barely a week goes by without a firm needing to apologise for sharing customer information or for calling customers by the wrong name. Apparently, there is even a Data Protection

Don’t Just Rely On Data Privacy Laws to Protect Information

Data privacy laws are evolving to allow individuals the opportunity to understand the types of data that companies are collecting about them and to provide ways to access or delete

New data reveals content pirates are increasingly becoming victims of their own crime

Creative Content Australia (CCA) has today revealed alarming Australian research linking cybercrime with content piracy, with 62% of adults and 75% of persistent teen pirates experiencing cyber breaches after accessing

The role of managed security service providers within identity & access management

With increased business change, the demand for Managed Security Service Providers has been rising for some time. But what should you consider? Click here to view original webpage at

Data breach: Why it’s time to adopt a risk-based approach to cybersecurity

The recent high-profile ransomware attack on foreign currency exchange specialist Travelex highlights the devastating results of a targeted cyber-attack. In the weeks following the initial attack, Travelex struggled to bring its customer-facing

GDPR Update: More Than 160,000 Data Breach Notifications Reports

Data protection regulators have imposed $126 million (EUR114 million) in fines under the GDPR regime for a wide range of GDPR infringements, not just for data breaches. Click here to view original webpage

5 Steps To Secure Your Customer Data

More than any other issue, customers are concerned about their privacy. Recent laws like GDPR and the CCPA indicate that consumers want to be in control of their data because