Identity Theft

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Data Breaches Often Originate Behind Your Defenses

No business is immune from cybercrime and the theft of personal information and intellectual property will increase as the ability to turn raw data into money-spinning opportunities increases. The response

Why wait to be breached? Three reasons to secure your data now

 These are some of the most common excuses companies give for delaying their security and compliance efforts. But, given the severe repercussions of just one breach – spiraling costs of

Main cybersecurity problem for colleges? Gathering diverse kinds of data

Each time a major retailer, credit bureau or healthcare provider experiences a significant data breach, even the experts in cybersecurity circles wonder, “What could be worse than that?” According to

Kaspersky Lab Allegedly Hacked by Israel to Reveal Russian Hackers

Reports claim that a clandestine operation by Israel was able to exploit Kaspersky Lab, with information from the hack subsequently shared with U.S. intelligence officials. Click Here to View Original

Is cyber security still not a top boardroom priority?

A Fortinet survey has revealed almost half of IT decision makers believe board members still do not treat cyber security as a top priority.As organisations now embrace digital transformation and

Hackers go after Australian ICT, managed services providers

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), which integrates the national security cyber capabilities and serves as a hub for collaboration and information sharing with the private sector and critical infrastructure

Hacked websites force visitors to mine cryptocurrency

Schools and charities among those affected in mining scam.Cyber-security experts are warning that criminals are hacking into other people’s machines to generate cryptocurencies for them. According to a Trend Micro

Disqus, Forrester Research suffer data breach

Popular blog comment hosting service Disqus and market research company Forrester Research announced late on Friday that they’ve suffered a breach.While the latter was apparently limited to content made available

Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms was hacked

Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, revealed on Friday to have suffered a security breach the past week.The attackers broke into the infrastructure

Russian hackers stole NSA cyber-defence files

Fingers are once again being pointed at Kaspersky, but the Russian company is dismissing any involvement.Russian security firm Kaspersky has once again been accused of wrongdoing in the US in