Identity Theft

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GDPR Update: More Than 160,000 Data Breach Notifications Reports

Data protection regulators have imposed $126 million (EUR114 million) in fines under the GDPR regime for a wide range of GDPR infringements, not just for data breaches. Click here to view original webpage

5 Steps To Secure Your Customer Data

More than any other issue, customers are concerned about their privacy. Recent laws like GDPR and the CCPA indicate that consumers want to be in control of their data because

Businesses will need to be more data savvy in 2020 to reap rewards of Big Data

The world has seen a massive explosion in Big Data, with large volumes of data now being stored across businesses in the UK. With the proliferation of digital devices, the

Data ownership vs. data processing: A moral dilemma?

Work around data seems to never end. Between collection, sharing and use – the burden of this falls onto the shoulders of the CISO, the broadness of which, seems to be

How committed are countries to enforcing GDPR

When it was passed into law last year, the EU GDPR was heralded as a landmark for data protection and privacy around the world. The Washington Post went so far

Healthcare Facilities Need More Cybersecurity Pros

Despite being one of the most targeted sectors for cyber attacks, data breaches and malware, the healthcare industry doesn’t value cybersecurity as much as it should. Click here to view

DPOs as independent agents – the better way forward for GDPR compliance?

A data protection officer (DPO) has become a mandatory role in many organisations and is a role that requires total autonomy. Since the enactment of the EU General Data Protection

One Day, Three Credit Card Data Breach Notifications

On the same day this week, two restaurants and a convenience store, all with locations across the U.S., disclosed security breach incidents that may have enabled attackers to steal customer

Biometric authentication is not a security panacea

Biometric authentication systems are convenient, but they’re not a substitute. Password management vexes both individuals and businesses alike. Despite the overwhelming majority of internet users knowing better, weak passwords and

What are the qualities of a good digital identity management program?

Growing consumer expectations, the breakdown of traditional “walls” and emerging technologies are making it hard for organizations to devise a successful digital identity management program, according to Deloitte. Click here