Identity Theft

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How to Stop Employee Theft and Fraud Before It Happens

Employee theft and fraud are one of the most pervasive causes of loss among business owners. They are also highly preventable, and with Ongoing effective leadership, employees will often feel obligated

How did the TimeHop data breach happen?

Compromise of an employee’s credentials, lack of multi-factor authentication, and weak insider threat analysis all played a factor in the recent TimeHop data breach in which 21 million user accounts

As breaches become more sophisticated, firms must train for the next war, not the last battle

Businesses hit by a cyber attack must not dwell on the past but should instead fortify their organisation for the future. Cyber-attacks are continuing to increase and evolve at an

Data of Thousands of Card Applicants Exposed

The breach apparently occurred from March 2017 to mid-July of 2018. Credit card issuer TCM Bank, which works with some 750 small and community U.S. financial institutions, including credit unions, exposed

Top 10 list of dark web activities that indicate a breach

Research analysts at Terbium Labs released a list of the most common activities seen on the dark web that indicate a breach, or other unwanted incident, has taken place. Click here to

Dixons Carphone cyber breach could have affected millions more

The retailer has revealed that 10m customers have been affected by the breach. When Dixons Carphone first revealed that it had suffered a data breach last year, the retailer said that

Identity Assurance By Our Own Volition And Memory

In an earlier article we briefly referred to Expanded Password System (EPS) that accepts both images and texts as the shared secrets. The proposition of EPS is now acknowledged as a ‘Draft Proposal’

Is privacy even possible in this Golden Age of Data Breaches?

Privacy seems like a pipe dream when everyone’s data seems vulnerable. Do we just give up on it though? In 2018 the number of internet users, worldwide, rose to 3.6

Inside look at lifecycle of stolen credentials and extent of data breach damage

Shape Security released its Credential Spill Report, shedding light on the extent to which the consumer banking, retail, airline and hospitality industries are impacted by credential stuffing attacks and account

Retail data breaches continue to reach new highs

Thales announced the results of its 2018 Thales Data Threat Report, Retail Edition. According to U.S. retail respondents, 75% of retailers have experienced a breach in the past compared to