Identity Theft

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RNIB Breach May Have Hit Hundreds — Report

Police have launched an investigation after scores of people reported fraud attempts following a breach of the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) web store, according to reports.Card payment

NiceHash suffers security breach, around $70 million in Bitcoin stolen

NiceHash, one of the most popular crypto-mining marketplaces, has apparently suffered a breach that resulted in the theft of the entire contents of the NiceHash Bitcoin wallet.“We are currently investigating

Popular ai.type keyboard leaks personal details of 31 million users

Third-party Android and iOS keyboard ai-type is at the center of something of a privacy nightmare after a misconfigured database leaked the personal details of more than 31 million of

Kylie Makeup, Yeezy Trainers and Holiday Online Shopping Scams

As the holiday season rolls on, take note: Three-quarters of UK consumers have been scammed in the process of purchasing goods online, and over a fifth (22%) personally know someone

Cybercrime is Not Seasonal

The increase in transactions during the holiday shopping season naturally comes with an increase in fraud. This rise is no surprise to security professionals across all sectors — but it’s

Are we driving into an insecure future?

Governments must set clear cyber security standards for autonomous vehicles and driverless cars.As technology has advanced, newer models of cars have presented more and more opportunities for hackers. We have

Anonymous launch Brazilian Corrupt Public Sector Entities Data Leak

The compromised data includes IP addresses from the public sector, ranging law enforcement agencies and local municipality. This data leak comes at a moment where a strong fight against corruption

PayPal-owned company TIO Networks data breach affects 1.6 million customers

PayPal confirmed that one of the companies it owns, TIO Networks, suffered a security breach, hackers have accessed servers that stored information for 1.6 million customers.The company TIO Networks was

Consumers Overwhelmingly Blame Businesses for Breaches

The majority of consumers—70%—would stop doing business with companies following a data breach; yet they fail to take any responsibility for their own poor data security habits.  Click here to

70% of Consumers Would Stop Following a Business After Data Breach

Sixty-nine percent of consumers feel businesses don’t take customer data security very seriously and 70% of them said they would stop doing business with a company following a data breach.