Identity Theft

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Fear of data breach consequences splits appeals courts – Business Insurance

A recent federal appeals court ruling in a putative class action lawsuit that says plaintiffs can sue even if there is only fear of, but no actual, damage from a

The type of cyber breach you need to tell your clients about – Insurance Business

Data breaches only tend to make the headlines when hackers target huge global companies with ransom demands. Ransomware attacks in the US continued to rise in the first half of

When it comes to cybersecurity, companies need force fields, not walls – Recode

There is a fracture in our modern way of life. The crack is imperceptible to most, even though it’s a dire threat. The public sees the recent headlines about the HBO

Creditseva data breach: 48,000 Indians personal and sensitive data was exposed to hackers

Personal and financial data of thousands of Indian citizens was found to have been freely exposed on the Web by credit services firm Creditseva, according to Kromtech security researchers who first

The Best Steps in a Cyber Incident – Infosecurity Magazine

In the wake of the recent OneLogin unauthorized data access, it has become evident that no one is safe in the cyber world. All companies are susceptible to attacks and

How to calculate the cost of data breaches – TechRepublic

While the global average total cost of data breaches for companies fell 10% this year, US companies saw a 5% increase in cybersecurity-related expenses. Wendi Whitmore, team leader for IBM

Six Ways to Curb the Costs of a Data Breach

For those paying attention, 2017 has provided a steady and impressive litany of data breach victims, from video games to hotels to burrito shops to nearly every American voter. This is a direct continuation of the trend from 2016,

Data Protection: Everything to know

By Secure Swiss Data You go to a bank, open an account; you hand over your data. You go to your doctor, you share your data. You go to your

Most damaging threat vector for companies? Malicious insiders – Help Net Security

According to a new SANS survey, 40 percent of respondents rated malicious insiders (insiders who intentionally do harm) as the most damaging threat vector their companies faced. Furthermore, nearly half

HBO hacked, attackers leak GoT script and some episodes – Help Net Security

HBO has become hackers’ latest entertainment industry target: attackers have breached the company’s servers, and they claim to have syphoned from them 1.5 terabytes of data. Click here to view