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How cybercriminals are using Android security bulletins to plan attacks – TechRepublic

I recently interviewed a gentleman, one with a vested interest in Android, and was enlightened on a number of levels. During the interview we hopped onto the thread of security

One kind of Android smartphone ransomware is behind a massive rise in malicious software – ZDNet

The number of different families of ransomware is ever-growing and has risen to almost 10 million known samples of the file-encrypting malware – while the most stealthy forms of malicious

Beware of malicious fake antivirus apps for mobiles – Services – Software – Business IT

Given the amount of mobile malware doing the rounds, it seems prudent to use some kind of security software, especially on Android phones and tablets. Click here to view original

Biometrics beat passwords for 93% of UK consumers

Much has been written about the impending death of passwords, with new research showing that passwords may finally be on the out as 93% of consumers would choose biometrics over

An identity thief stole my phone! – Consumer Information

Identity theft can happen to anyone. I’m a fraud investigator, and I’d like to tell you about my identity theft. Knowing how to respond will help you if you ever

3 things you need to know about cybersecurity in an IoT and mobile world – ZDNet

Cybersecurity fears continue to grow as the digital revolution embeds itself in new parts of society every day. We discuss the topic in-depth in our ZDNet/TechRepublic special report “Cybersecurity in

Google Removes Rooting Trojan Dvmap From Play Store -Threatpost – The first stop for security news

Google removed a nasty Trojan from Google Play earlier this week that could have rooted Android devices and injected malicious code into an infected device’s system library. Click here to view

Maintaining Mobile App Security is Essential – BW CIO

Over the last couple of weeks, the issue of cybersecurity once again grabbed headlines when ransomware called WannaCry infected 230,000 computers in over 150 countries, bringing large and small organisations

Global mobile security industry survey to 2022 just published – WhaTech

The major growth driver of Mobile Security Market includes growing usage of smartphones and various apps, growing technology addiction for improving lifestyle, and rise in data security threats such as

3 simple steps that help you avoid ransomware on Android – TechRepublic

The rise of ransomware is upon us and it might seem like there is next to nothing you can do. To that I would say au contraire mes amis. There