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Tizi backdoor rooted Android devices by exploiting old vulnerabilities

Google has discovered and removed from Google Play a number of apps that contained the Tizi backdoor, which installs spyware to steal sensitive data from popular social media applications. Click

Google admits Android tracks your location whether you like it or not

Smartphones powered by Android were collecting data on their owners’ locations even if service was turned off.Smartphones powered by the Android operating system are collecting data on their owners’ locations

Mobile Malware Incidents Hit 100% of Businesses

Attempted malware infections against BYOD and corporate mobile devices are expected to continue to grow, new data shows.Every business with BYOD and corporate mobile device users across the globe has

Sneaky malware downloader found in apps on Google Play

Google has removed from Google Play eight apps that have served as downloaders for Android banking malware.The packages – a mixture of Android cleaners and news app – looked pretty

Android users warned of malicious apps hidden in Google Play Store

ESET report reveals multi-stage malware lurking in family of legitimate-sounding apps.Android users have once again been warned to take care when installing new apps on their phone after yet another

The tools criminals use to prepare a stolen iPhone for resale

Reselling stolen mobile phones is a lucrative business all over the globe, and iPhones are very much in demand.Whether lost or stolen, the iPhones are often locked by their legitimate

Google Has A Big Fake WhatsApp Problem — Here’s Why

Google’s Android users are under threat from fake apps created by developers using simple tricks to get their frauds onto the official Play store. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images).Google just can’t

Android DoubleLocker ransomware encrypts data, changes device PIN

A new piece of ransomware is targeting Android users. Dubbed DoubleLocker, it both encrypts users’ files and changes the device’s PIN.Lukáš Štefanko, the ESET researcher who discovered the ransomware, says

Millions of Android phones put at risk by mobile wi-fi security flaw

Researchers have discovered a new exploit that could affect every device on a Wi-Fi network with Android 6.0 devices especially vulnerable to an attack. Click Here To View Original Webpage

Will Face ID be Truly Secure?

By Reymart Jan Sarigumba from iPrice Group Many Apple fans and enthusiasts are still not sure of the implications of the face ID to unlock the iPhone X once it