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Rising Threats Call for Primary Cyber Resilience, New Strategies for Governments

Cybercriminals are holding governments hostage more frequently, expanding their attack base, and asking for more money, according to a report released by Deloitte. Click here to view original webpage at

IRS Scams During Tax Season Target Unsuspecting Consumers

Scam robocalls and phishing emails disguised as banks continue to trick consumers to put their personal information at risk, and tax season is no exception. Click here to view original

Is the CCPA the Beginning of a Move to Supra-National Legislation?

Over the past two years, data privacy has become one of the world’s most widely regulated and closely followed areas of the law. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) appeared

The Frequency of DDoS Attacks Depends on the Day & Time

Multivector and cloud computing attacks have been rising over the last twelve months, according to Link11. The share of multivector attacks – which target and misuse several protocols – grew

With Third-Party Providers, Trust is in Short Supply

There is little cause to expect the rate of growth in supply chain complexity to diminish. Third-party offerings – whether they are SaaS productivity suites, hyperscale storage and compute provision,

The Five States of Compliance Maturity: Building a Strong Training Strategy

Even though many businesses invest in useful compliance training to help reduce the liability and legal risks they face, for some, integrating that training with their business strategy means overcoming

Ransomware: To Pay Or Not To Pay

We’ve all seen the movie: the steely eyed law enforcement officer draws a deep breath and says firmly “we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Ever.” But the fact is, we do.

Inadequate Data Sanitization Puts Enterprises at Risk of Breaches & Compliance Failures

Global enterprises’ overconfidence and inadequate data sanitization are exposing organizations to the risk of data breach, at a time when proper data management should be at the forefront of everything they

Driving Collaboration Between Security & IT Ops Teams is a Major Challenge

Strained relationships between security and IT ops teams leave businesses vulnerable to disruption, even with increased spending on IT security and management tools, a Tanium research reveals. Click here to

Do Third-Party Users Follow Security Best Practices and Policies?

Many organizations across the globe fall short of effectively managing access for third-party users, exposing them to significant vulnerabilities, breaches and other security risks, One Identity reveals. Click here to view original