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A Windows XP bug makes it possible to recover files encrypted by WannaCry – Help Net Security

In an unusual turn of events, a Windows bug has been found to work in favor of victims instead of attackers, allowing WannaCry victims that run Windows XP to decrypt

Software security assurance: Everybody’s invited – Help Net Security

As more and more things in this world of ours run on software, software security assurance – i.e. confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities (either intentional or not) and

There’s now a WannaCry decryptor tool for most Windows versions – Help Net Security

As the criminals behind the WannaCry ransomware are trying to make it work again, security researchers have created tools for decrypting files encrypted by it. Click here to view original

Number of HTTPS phishing sites triples – Help Net Security

When, in January 2017, Mozilla and Google made Firefox and Chrome flag HTTP login pages as insecure, the intent was to make phishing pages easier to recognize, as well as

Phishing scum going legit to beat browser warnings • The Register

Browser-makers’ decision to put big red warning lights in the faces of users when they hit sites too slack to use HTTPS is backfiring a little, as crooks are accelerating

Five steps for business after WannaCry cyber attack

The global WannaCry ransomware attack has highlighted that cyber attacks are not the responsibility of the chief information security officer (Ciso) but of the organisation and its leaders, who must

Apple issues security updates for macOS, iDevices – Help Net Security

It’s time to patch your Mac, iDevices and software again: Apple has released security updates for MacOS (all the way back to Yosemite), iOS, watchOS, tvOS, iTunes, iCloud for Windows,

Stealing Windows credentials using Google Chrome – Help Net Security

Attacks that leak authentication credentials using the SMB file sharing protocol on Windows OS are an ever-present issue, exploited in various ways but usually limited to local area networks. One

How is a Virus Different From a Malware? Find Out Here

From ransomware to kill switch, here are explanations of some of the terms used in stories on the massive attack by the WannaCry worm: A virus is a piece of

Vault7 – Wikileaks published documentation for AfterMidnight and Assassin malwareSecurity Affairs

While critical infrastructure worldwide and private organizations were ridiculed by the WannaCry attack, WikiLeaks released a new batch of CIA documents from the Vault 7 leaks. The new dump included the documentation related