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Abundance of cybersecurity tools puts enterprises at risk

New research from the enterprise security firm ReliaQuest has revealed that a rapid increase in the number of security tools used by enterprises is limiting their return on investment while

Windows 10 Warning: ‘Devious And Evil’ Malware Bypasses Security Software

Security researchers are investigating a particularly nasty piece of malware that can bypass Windows 10 security. The threat, which comprises not only a new variation of ransomware known as Snatch but also

2019 in review: data breaches, GDPR’s teeth, malicious apps, malvertising and more

Midyear reports showed a 54 percent increase in breaches over last year with more than 4 billion records compromised. The year is ending with news about breaches impacting customers of Macy’s and T-Mobile.

Snatch ransomware reboots PCs in Windows Safe Mode to bypass antivirus apps

The authors of the Snatch ransomware are using a never-before-seen trick to bypass antivirus software and encrypt victims’ files without being detected. The trick relies on rebooting an infected computer

Ryuk ransomware contains a bug causing data loss for some victims

Antivirus maker Emsisoft said it found a bug in the decrypter app of the Ryuk ransomware. This is the app the Ryuk gang provides to victims to recover their files,

2020 is when cybersecurity gets even weirder, so get ready

Tech analyst Forrester predicts that deepfakes could end up costing businesses a lot of money next year: as much as $250m. That might happen in a couple of ways. There’s

In A BYOD World, Everybody Needs Cybersecurity Chops

Technology alone won’t fix the security woes that have been rampaging through the connected business world. What is needed is the full engagement of the workforce. Carl Cadregari, executive vice

Top compliance and risk management challenges for financial organizations

Notable regulatory compliance and risk challenges remain high in a number of key areas for U.S. banks and credit unions, according to the results of a Wolters Kluwer survey. Click here to

The hidden risks of cryptojacking attacks

For any business, privacy and security are a constant concern. The variety and velocity of attacks seeking to infiltrate corporate systems and steal vital business and customer information seem never-ending.

Security is everyone’s business

Whether you work for a big enterprise or small business, you have people that look after your IT and cybersecurity needs. They have it covered, that’s not your responsibility or