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Why phishing education has never been more critical to your business

Our cyber defenses are becoming stronger and stronger every year. Even the smallest companies can now deploy advanced anti-malware and intrusion detections tools that were, until recently, only within the

Security Engineers: Fighting Every Minute of Every Day

If you’re like most people, you probably live a good portion of your life online, so it’s crucial that you do all you can to make the internet more secure

How to Secure Your CMS Website, Even if You Aren’t an Expert

Any time you visit a website, there’s about a 50/50 chance it was built on a content management system such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. These platforms make building and maintaining an

Zero Trust: The Modern Approach To Cybersecurity

Security strategy begins with an attitude: Never trust, always verify. The conventional notion of the enterprise perimeter—imagining it as one big bubble to be protected—is now thoroughly outdated in a

The Security Nightmare of Formjacking

Formjacking has hit the headlines recently, with malicious actors employing the technique to source valuable personal data. The concept of formjacking was behind the notorious Magecart attack, which claimed high

Ransomware Disrupts Worldwide Production for Belgian Aircraft Parts Maker

ASCO Industries, a manufacturer of aerospace components with headquarters in Zaventem, Belgium, has been hit with ransomware, which ended up disrupting its production around the world. The attack reportedly started

3.4 billion fake emails are sent around the world every day

At least 3.4 billion fake emails are sent around the world every day — with most industries remaining vulnerable to spear-phishing and “spoofing” cyberattacks simply because they’re not implementing industry-standard

June 2019 Patch Tuesday: A little something for everybody

For June 2019 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has fixed a whooping 88 CVE-numbered vulnerabilities, Adobe has plugged many critical security holes in ColdFusion and Flash Player, and Intel has released security

The Role of Data in Managing Application Risk

Managing application risk has a lot to do with managing data. To mitigate application risks, it’s necessary to gather data from heterogeneous and sometimes far-flung sources—data about assets, vulnerabilities, business

Most e-commerce websites running Magento at high risk of cybercrime

New research has found 87% of SME websites using the Magento platform are currently at high risk from cyber attacks. By contrast, under 10% of websites using other major e-commerce platforms surveyed