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Cyber Smart Staff Are The First Line Of Defence

The City of London Police announced that they will be hiring a team of cyber detectives, amid growing concerns of cyber-attacks throughout London. While these detectives will no doubt be

Attackers Spy and Steal from Financial Firms

In an attempt to steal sensitive data, cyber-criminals have been targeting financial firms by building hidden tunnels in order to break into networks. According to a report released today by Vectra,

How to Prepare for ‘WannaCry 2.0′

More than a year after it first struck, WannaCry is still one of the most damaging cyberattacks to date. It cost the global economy billions of dollars, although the impact

Why should CTOs in the financial sector consider blockchain technology?

In the digital world, there is an inherent lack of trust when two parties want to conduct a value exchange. After all, transactions are nothing more than digital entries on

Back to basics: Ten Tips for Outsmarting Ransomware

Just one year ago, the WannaCry ransomware attack made global headlines when it hit 230,000 computers, creating total chaos. A number of high-profile organisations have continued to be targeted by

Batten Down the Hatches against Crypto-Mining Pirates

Cryptocurrency mining relies on the computational power of the system used to create the currency and process the transactions. Many are realizing that the computational power, which requires a huge

We need to talk about application security

Threats to the application layer is not a new thing, but it has been becoming more and more prevalent over the past number of years. The rise in attacks stems

Will blockchain power the next generation of data security?

Cryptomania is dominating conversations from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. But ‘cryptocurrency’ is only one implementation of the underlying technology innovation that has the ability to transform the way future

Is blockchain technology the supply chain’s missing link?

A recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit has revealed a shortfall in the ethical performance of major corporations. Flaws have been found in how these corporations manage their supply

Blockchain All the Rage But Comes With Numerous Risks

Researchers dig into four types of cyberattacks targeting blockchain, how they work, and why early adopters are the easiest targets. If you haven’t jumped into the blockchain frenzy, chances are