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‘Lazy Hackers’ Turn To Automated Attack Tools

The BBC today ran a story covering how cyber-attackers are now turning to tools that automate the process of finding and hijacking vulnerable servers.The study used a fake server known

“Sometimes There Is A Crystal Ball”

The ability to predict—and defend against—malicious activity is something of a holy grail in the realm of security. There are many technologies that seek to do it, and some of

Cryptominers displace ransomware as the number one threat

During the first three months of 2018, cryptominers surged to the top of detected malware incidents, displacing ransomware as the number one threat, Comodo’s Global Malware Report Q1 2018 has

Cryptomining, not ransomware, the top malware threat so far this year

Cryptominer-based attacks increased, while ransomware-based attacks decreased in Q1 2018, according to Comodo Cybersecurity Threat Research Labs.Cryptominer-based attacks, not ransomware-based attacks, have been the top threat so far this year,

Mining for Trouble: Cryptocurrency and Cyber Security

Cryptocurrency is not a new presence in the world of cyber security. For years cryptocurrencies have been the ransom of choice for hackers looking to make money from cyber attacks.

Password Managers: Business Gains vs Potential Pains

The growth in cybersecurity continues unabated and we see companies investing more and more in the area. According to Gartner, enterprise cybersecurity spending will rise to $96.3bn in 2018. Much

Cryptominers Replace Ransomware as No. 1 Threat

Cryptominers surged to the top of detected malware incidents, displacing ransomware as the No. 1 threat.Comodo Cybersecurity Threat Research Labs’ first-quarter global malware report shows that the world is already

Ransomware, healthcare and incident response: Lessons from the Allscripts attack

The actors behind SamSam launched a devastating attack against Allscripts in January, 2018. As Allscripts worked its incident response plan, things started to unravel. Here are the lessons learned. On

Most Web Apps Contain High-Severity Vulnerabilities

An analysis of web applications shows that 94% of applications tested had at least one high-severity vulnerability.According to Positive Technologies’ Web Application Vulnerabilities in 2017 report, collated through the security

Common IT Tools are the Hacker’s Favorites

Malware, along with targeted attacks that can move laterally and evade traditional detection methods, are a huge and growing concern. Popular hacker tools like Mimikatz are being combined with stolen NSA