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Can businesses fight back against the surge of ransomware in 2018?

Beware the ‘New Mafia’ of cybercrime, Malwarebytes study warns.Cybercrime has grown in scope and severity to the extent that there are now a number of parallels that can be drawn

The misconceptions of artificial intelligence

Businesses are increasingly using AI in a wealth of applications to enhance decision-making and improve the consumer experience, but the public is scepticalInstead of allowing myth and misconceptions to hold

Cryptocurrency apps have severe security vulnerabilities, but do investors care?

A market cap of over $350 billion, daily volumes in excess of $10 billion, fast rising prices, a growing number of investors and little to no regulation all combine to

Email Impersonation Attacks Dramatically Spike in 2017

Mimecast’s Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA), which measures the effectiveness of existing email security systems in regular use by tens of thousands of organizations globally, found there to be the

Tech Support Scam Malware Fakes the Blue Screen of Death

The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is one of the most-dreaded sights for Windows users. Adding insult to injury, a new malware is making the rounds that fakes a

Ransomware’s lucrative next stop? The Point of Sale

With the influx of credit card breaches over the past few years at major brands, hackers may have reached a point of supply exceeding demand, as awareness of breaches, security

2018 Data Security Predictions

From the HBO cyber attack which leaked episodes of Game of Thrones, to the worldwide Wannacry attack which targeted different industries in a range of countries, cybercriminals are becoming more

Over a Quarter of Ransomware Now Targets Business

The number of ransomware attacks targeting business users in 2017 rose to 26% as the number of new families discovered halved, according to new stats released this week by Kaspersky Lab.The Russian

Many cyber insurance policies will leave business ransomware victims out of pocket

Businesses are being warned to carefully check their cyber insurance policies and their appropriateness as many do not provide important cover for common attacks, such as the damage to revenue

Ransomware set to get even more profitable in 2018

McAfee predictions for the year ahead predict yet more ransomware, along with possible threats to home privacy and even “digital baggage”.Ransomware is set to remain a growing threat for the months