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Top tips for protecting your brand against cyber attacks – IT SECURITY GURU

MarkMonitor®, the global leader in enterprise brand protection is advising businesses to act now in order to protect themselves against cyber attacks. These attacks come in all different shapes and

Ransom-Aware: Carbon Black Survey Finds 7 of 10 Consumers Would Consider Leaving a Business Hit By Ransomware – IT SECURITY GURU

WannaCry brought the threat posed by cybercriminals into the public consciousness in a way that had not really been seen before. Temporarily crippling the NHS brought the dangers of cyber-attacks

Forget about the malware, go after the attacker’s tactics, techniques and procedures – Help Net Security

The cybercriminal’s options for monetizing attacks has never been broader, less complex, or less risky, and attempts to detect intrusions by detecting the malware they use has never been more

How to remove malware from your Windows PC – PCWorld

Is your computer running slower than usual? Are you getting lots of pop-ups? Have you seen other weird problems crop up? If so, your PC might be infected with a

Amount of malware targeting smart devices more than doubled in 2017

Kaspersky Lab has revealed that people are increasingly being put at risk from malware, as more smart devices enter the marketThe total number of malware samples targeting smart devices has

Legacy, Third Party Code Posing Serious Cyber-Attack Risk to Web Apps

Developers continue to leave the vast majority of Web applications open to attack by leaving behind unused code, working with vulnerable third-party libraries and by allowing code frameworks to make

Malware Incidents at US SMBs Spiked 165% in Q1

Malware attacks on small-to midsized (SMB) businesses in the US jumped 165% in the first quarter over the same period last year, according to a new report published today. Click

Fileless malware: An undetectable threat – TechRepublic

In the world of security, there’s never a shortage of new or interesting threats looming just around the corner. Even though it appears that the focus right now is on

DevSecOps will help security and developers play nice – App Developer Magazine

Veracode, a security software company acquired by CA Technologies, has announced the results of a study examining the relationships between application developers and security teams. Click here to view original

Open-source software management fails to meet security concerns – ZDNet

The enterprise’s use of open-source components to bolster its own software and systems is rising, but companies are failing to secure and manage it effectively, new research suggests. According to