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Top tips to protect your business from becoming a malware hub – IT SECURITY GURU

Email is indisputably a critical enterprise communication tool essential for sending important documents quickly and efficiently between employees, managers, HR, finance, sales, legal, customers, supply chain and more. Unfortunately, organisations

Attackers turn to auto-updating links instead of macros to deliver malware – Help Net Security

SANS ISC handler Xavier Mertens has flagged and analyzed a malicious Word file that, somehow, is made to automatically download an additional malicious RTF file, ultimately leading to a RAT

How security pros look at encryption backdoors – Help Net Security

The majority of IT security professionals believe encryption backdoors are ineffective and potentially dangerous, with 91 percent saying cybercriminals could take advantage of government-mandated encryption backdoors. Click here to view

SyncCrypt ransomware able to sneak past most antivirus defenses

A new ransomware called SyncCrypt is using a unique method of downloading the malicious files that makes it very hard for an antivirus program to detect. SyncCrypt was detected by

Locky makes a strong comeback, propelled by botnet-fuel spam campaign

Reports have been pouring in this month about the sudden return of Locky ransomware, which had been largely dormant in 2017. In short order, researchers have discovered two new major versions of

The Silent Risk: The Risk of File-Less Cyber Attacks – Infosecurity Magazine

These days, infecting a target is just a matter of resources, but how long the hackers get to stay inside the network is a matter of good detection. Most organizations

Web application attacks accounted for 73% of all incidents says report

Web application attacks accounted for 73 percent of all incidents flagged in an 18-month evaluation period according to a new report from Alert Logic which also says that web application

EV ransomware is targeting WordPress sites – Help Net Security

WordPress security outfit Wordfence has flagged several attempts by attackers to upload ransomware that provides them with the ability to encrypt a WordPress website’s files. They dubbed the malware “EV

DevOps skills gap: Do you have the necessary skills to succeed?

New research shows that software developers are not receiving the training they need to be successful as DevOps becomes the prevalent approach to building and operating digital products and services. In today’s

Google Chrome remote code execution flaw detailed, PoC released – Help Net Security

Vulnerability broker Beyond Security has released details about and Proof of Concept code for a remote code execution bug affecting Google Chrome. “The [type confusion] vulnerability results from incorrect optimization