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CISOs: Make 2020 the year you focus on third-party cyber risk

While cybersecurity professionals are certainly aware of the growing threat posed by sharing data with third parties, many seem to lack the urgency required to address this challenge. Click here to

Over half of organizations were successfully phished in 2019

Nearly 90 percent of global organizations were targeted with BEC and spear phishing attacks in 2019, reflecting cybercriminals’ continued focus on compromising individual end users, a Proofpoint survey reveals. Click here to

Another Poor Cybersecurity Audit at State Department Draws Scrutiny

The latest publication in a long line of reports drawing attention to the State Department’s failure to secure its information technology-dependent systems from cyberattacks reflects a general mismanagement of resources.

Startup Takes Cyber Security to The Cloud

Cyral, a data security startup company, hopes to make the security of the cloud become modernized with security working like that of software development. Because all companies are starting to

Do you know how exposed to cyberattack your business is? How to mitigate against cyberthreats

What steps businesses need to take to build a robust cybersecurity strategy. As companies seek to integrate more and more new technologies into their business to stay market-ready and ahead

10 Ways To Own Your Cybersecurity In 2020

One of the best New Year’s resolutions anyone can make is to learn new ways to secure their personal and professional lives online, starting with ten proven ways they can

Cybersecurity: Awareness is Only the First Step

European Cyber Security Month (ESCM) is an annual campaign designed to raise awareness of the myriad of threats individuals and organisations face in today’s ever more connected world Click here

New study reveals important precautions against cybercrime

Though modern security systems on all of our mobile tech make things a lot easier, cybercrime is still a major threat. Of the various nefarious methods hackers use, ransomware is

5 cyber security tips to keep your web applications secure

An independent study in 2016 revealed that a hacker attack takes place every 39 seconds on average. What was even more alarming was that the computers that were observed in

Top Four Cyber Security Challenges Tech Leaders Need to Watch Out for

To build Cybersecurity into every product and system, C-suite members should gain a better understanding of the cyber-risks to which their organizations are exposed. Click here to view original webpage