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Cisco’s Acquisition of Neohapsis will Bolster its Cloud Security and Compliance Offerings

Cisco has announced a deal to acquire Neohapsis, a privately held security advisory company which provides risk management, compliance, cloud, application, mobile, and infrastructure security solutions. Read More… Read the


Stalkers Turn to High-Tech Tools to Monitor Victims

CBSNews — Stalkers are increasingly turning to  high-tech tools  to track and monitor their victims. They are using mobile apps and digital surveillance software to track their victims, remotely monitoring

Industry Insights

Newly Released 2015 Pci Dss Policies Available for Instant Download for North American Businesses from pcipolicyportal …

PCI DSS policies are available for instant download today from the global leader in PCI DSS policies and procedures, that’s The all-in-one Policies Packet contains all necessary material for

Industry Insights

Highlights and lowlights of 2014, a golden year for cybercrime

If a score was being kept, it might seem that the cybercriminals are in the lead, despite the valiant efforts – and own goals – from the cybersecurity profession worldwide.


Smartphones: Hackers’ target for 2015

It was difficult to go through a week this year without hearing of another major cybersecurity breach. And it looks as though 2015 will be no different but this time

Identity Theft

Taiwan clears Xiaomi, other smartphone brands of breaching data privacy

By J.R. Wu TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwanese regulators cleared on Tuesday China’s Xiaomi Inc and other smartphone brands of breaching local data protection laws after national security concerns triggered the


Internet of Things Growing Despite Privacy Concerns

Chances are, you’ll hear a lot more about the Internet of Things in 2015 — and it might not all be good. Although IoT is clearly gaining momentum, consumers are

Industry Insights

N. Korea mastermined Sony hack, not ‘insider': Fbi – New York Post

The FBI refused to budge on Tuesday off its finding that North Korea masterminded the massive Sony studio hack — despite a growing number of private cyber-security firms concluding there

Cloud Hardware/Network

Security firm claims Sony hack masterminded by former employee

Washington, Dec 31 (ANI): According to a security firm, that rejects the FBI’s claim on Sony hack incident that North Korea was responsible, the cyberattack was masterminded by a former


Next Year, Aim for Communication & Clarity of Cloud Apps

Capital Markets Outlook 2015: Enterprises will better manage their cloud exposure by offering enterprise versions of consumer applications and alternative apps vetted by security. Challenge: If enterprises do not want