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BYOD/Big Data

Top Tips on Healthcare BYOD Best Practices, Mobile Security

More healthcare facilities are beginning to consider mobile security options, and healthcare BYOD best practices are quickly becoming a popular topic in the industry. But what are the top tips


D-Link remote access vulnerabilities remain unpatched

D-Link routers have several unpatched vulnerabilities, the worst of which could allow an attacker to gain total control over a device, according to a systems engineer in Canada. Peter Adkins,

Vendor News

IBM Plans To Forge A $40 Billion Future In The Cloud

The International Business Machines Corp. said Thursday it plans to earn $40 billion from the cloud and other growing parts of the tech industry by 2018. To help it transition into more

Identity Theft

Target’s data breach cost the company $162 million

Target’s data breach cost the company $162 million In 2013, Target had a massive data breach in which 70 million customers had their credit and debit card information stolen. Today, the company has finally

Industry Insights

US intelligence chief says cyber attacks pose greatest threat to US security

” Cyber poses a very complex set of threats because profit-motivated criminals, ideologically motivated hackers or extremists and various capable nation states — like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran


Some Bitdefender products break HTTPS certificate revocation

Aggressive adware applications that break the trust between HTTPS (HTTP Secure) websites and users have been at the center of controversy lately. But over the past week, HTTPS interception flaws

BYOD/Big Data

Mobile Wearable Tech, Big Data and Security Top Strategic Technology Trends

Big Data technologies are converging into more integrated stacks. The near future will bring more analytics capabilities and solid support for velocity and veracity of data. The three key Big Data trends are


Security Vendors Say New Technologies Needed to to Bolster Cloud Defenses

Worries about security are keeping the brakes on the growth of cloud computing despite a huge drop in infrastructure costs that are making it cost effective for enterprises to move


Hackers use feds to scam cell phone users into paying up

Scammers are finding ways to remotely hack into cell phones and make you believe you’re wanted by the Feds. If you take the bait, it could cost you hundreds. “They


Global Endpoint Security Market 2015-2019

NEW YORK, Feb. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — About Endpoint Security Endpoint security is a methodology that helps protect corporate networks when they are accessed remotely through laptops, tablets, and smartphones.