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IoT’s moment of truth — who can secure the data flows? | ZDNet

The Internet of Things (IoT) has now entered a period of showstopping and heartstopping security reality checks. While most people can see the promise and value of data feeds from


Mobile Apps Leak More Data Than You Think – ARC – ARC

Companies that do not test their mobile apps for security or privacy vulnerabilities may be drip-feeding private data to malicious third-parties. A report by security-as-a-service platform provider Zscaler said that

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Nets data breach puts 100,000 cards at risk – IBS Intelligence

Danish payments processor Nets has been hit by a data breach that could have left up to 100,000 credit cards at risk of fraud. The firm, which was floated last

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Bankers agree to unite against cyber threats | Business Standard News

At a time when the banking sector is grappling with a possible systemic risk brought upon by the data breach of 3.2 million cards, banking technology experts at the Business


The Big DDOS Attack And What IOT Cyber Security Do We Need?

Several Internet experts have been warning for years that the Internet was vulnerable to attack with pinch points like DNS services that translate URLs into machine addresses. There is a

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Healthcare staff lack basic cyber security awareness

The consequences of a security breach in the healthcare sector can be severe, yet a new survey reveals that healthcare staff are among the most likely to fall victim to

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SecurityBrief NZ – Cyber security a company-wide issue

Cyber security is a company-wide issue and organisations that don’t take this stance do so at their own peril. That’s according to Martyn Solomon, senior risk consulting manager at professional

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Breaking down cybersecurity communication barriers — GCN

Those who’ve seen the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke will undoubtedly remember this famous line from the prison warden (played by Strother Martin) directed at the stubborn criminal named Luke


Is cybersecurity for smart cities being dangerously underestimated?

As governments around the globe barrel headlong into the smart city wave, cybersecurity experts are raising the alarm about the proliferation of unsecured technology.  This is from a recent Trustwave study that

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Millennials changing the face of cybersecurity

It’s official — there are now more millennials than baby boomers and their influence on information security is starting to have its impact, according to a recent report from LaunchTech