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Keep tech separate to secure Smart Homes and Cities

Just because it is possible to integrate a smart device into an IoT system, it doesn’t mean we should.With global Internet of Things (IoT) adoption showing no signs of slowing


The modern security landscape is evolving: what you need to know

The emergence of apps, the cloud and other practices require rethinking security.The landscape around modern security practices is rapidly evolving and complex. As containers gain mainstream momentum, practices such as

Identity Theft

70% of Consumers Would Stop Following a Business After Data Breach

Sixty-nine percent of consumers feel businesses don’t take customer data security very seriously and 70% of them said they would stop doing business with a company following a data breach.

Industry Insights

Government response to tech skills gap: cyber security and coding

Budget announcement heeds call of tech employers – 94% of whom say the industry is facing a skills shortage.’It’s really encouraging to see the government listened to the concerns of

Identity Theft

75% of insider breaches are accidental

Approximately 25% of insider threats are hostile with the remaining 75% due to accidental or negligent activity, according to NTT Security.Insider threats can put an organization at risk without even knowing it.


Ransomware set to get even more profitable in 2018

McAfee predictions for the year ahead predict yet more ransomware, along with possible threats to home privacy and even “digital baggage”.Ransomware is set to remain a growing threat for the months

Identity Theft

Why Data Breaches Will Get Worse Before Things Get Better

Companies are spending more than ever on information security. According to Gartner, they’ll spend $93 billion by the end of next year.The bad news is, breaches are still going up.


3 Ways your Phishing Defense Can Be like the Marines

To lower the security threat, organizations must choose the right battles. These best practices will show you how.Want to stay in front of breaches? Train like the Marines.Too often in


Time to lock the door AND the windows: Understanding the spectrum of phishing attacks

There is no silver bullet or single solution that solves all cases of email-based attacks. The simplification of email attacks can make us think of them as one type of


Web app attacks rise as IoT botnet threat increases once again

Latest Akamai security report predicts possible return of IoT botnets as the holiday season approaches.Web users are being bombarded with a significant rise in online attacks hijacking web-based applications, new