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How to Protect Your Business From Social Engineering Attacks

The biggest threat to confidentiality today is social engineering. Even enterprises with solid cybersecurity frameworks in place can easily be the victims of attacks. Security firms usually think in terms

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5G won’t succeed without innovation in security, experts claim

Do not cut corners on user experience either, report warns.5G is an extremely potent and promising technology, but if security doesn’t keep up, nobody will be reaping any benefits from it.


Healthcare Employees Aware of Ransomware Threats

In a new survey of North American healthcare employees, Kaspersky Lab found that ransomware has hit nearly a third of companies more than once. Findings of the report, Cyber Pulse: The State of


Email Security Systems Miss 17K Threats

In its latest Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA), Mimecast found that incumbent email security systems inaccurately deemed nearly 17,000 dangerous files “safe” this quarter. Email scams have been on the rise, which is

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AI Yields Security Benefits, Not Without Problems

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to grow in the cybersecurity marketplace, likely to $18.2 billion by 2023, according to a report from P&S Market Research. AI is still only in its

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Guest Editor: Breaking the Barriers of Security

When I first started my degree, I knew next to nothing about cybersecurity. I knew I wanted to be an ethical hacker, but I probably couldn’t get far without even

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Threat-Actor Opportunism at Peak During Holiday Season

By Mike Mimoso, Editorial Director at Flashpoint, Attackers’ opportunism is never higher during the year than in the holiday shopping season. As a result, businesses must be aware of the

Network Security

7 Steps to Develop and Deploy Data Loss Prevention Strategy

By William Harvye, Senior Technical Content Writer at Hackercombat, It is not that only large enterprise should worry about Data Loss Prevention because now even small companies of all sizes

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Cyber Attacks History In Higher Education

The Higher Education sector increasingly attracts hackers due to huge amounts of critical information its systems store. This data refers to personal information of employees and students along with top

IT Compliance

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Managed Security Services Provider

There is no shortage of spend or need on security services. Gartner has recently predicted that worldwide spend on security products and services will reach $124 billion in 2019. This coupled with