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Industry Insights

Interest in cybersecurity needs to start at top, new research argues

If there’s been one consistent thread in local-government technology in 2019, it’s that towns, cities and counties across the United States are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks that disrupt operations, cut

Artificial Intelligence

How AI and Cybersecurity Will Intersect in 2020

So much of the discussion about cybersecurity’s relationship with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) revolves around how AI and ML can improve security product functionality. However, that is actually

Industry Insights

Security Predictions for 2020

In this year’s Cyber Security Predictions, the WatchGuard Threat Lab has imagined the top cyber attacks we’ll see in 2020 and has provided tips for simplifying your approach to stopping

Identity Theft

DPOs as independent agents – the better way forward for GDPR compliance?

A data protection officer (DPO) has become a mandatory role in many organisations and is a role that requires total autonomy. Since the enactment of the EU General Data Protection


Building the right behaviours – The importance of focusing on behaviour change in cybersecurity awareness training

The importance of focusing on behaviour change in your cyber security awareness training.This year’s Global Security Research by Telstra suggests the greatest risk to IT security is human error. Click

Vendor News

Microsoft takes legal action against North Korean cybercrime group

Microsoft on Monday announced that it has taken legal action against a North Korean-based cybercrime group that was using websites and other domains to attack individuals and companies in the


8 Ways to Shore Up Cybersecurity Agreements

Here’s how companies can better negotiate the data privacy language in contracts with cybersecurity vendors, insurers, and entities that hold personal data. Click here to view original webpage at


Cybersecurity Trends And Best Practices For Insurers And Businesses

In 2020, businesses will focus on issues surrounding cybersecurity awareness with renewed vigor. Many CEOs are already setting new standards for securing their networks of computers. Click here to view

Industry Insights

Planning for 2020? Here are 3 cybersecurity trends to look out for

It’s almost 2020, which means teams are finalizing cyber budgets, strategies and goals. However, as you’re preparing for the new year, it’s important to keep an eye out for how the cybersecurity

Vendor News

Singapore’s Cybersecurity Startup Map

Singapore’s cybersecurity industry is growing strong, with now some 105 unique startups, according to the Innovation Cybersecurity Ecosystem at Block71 (ICE71)’s latest Singapore Cybersecurity Community Map. Click here to view original webpage