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The potential impact of SAP security remediation

More than two thirds (68.8%) of SAP users believe their organizations put insufficient focus on IT security during previous SAP implementations, while 53.4% indicated that it is ‘very common’ for SAP

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Distributed disruption: Coronavirus multiplies the risk of severe cyberattacks

The coronavirus pandemic is upending everything we know. As the tally of infected people grows by the hour, global healthcare, economic, political, and social systems are bending and breaking under the strain,

Artificial Intelligence

AI’s Great, But It Still Takes Humans to Enforce Cybersecurity

When it comes to protecting computers and information systems from cyber attack, artificial intelligence and machine learning can help — but they’re no cure-all for a growing problem. Click here

Artificial Intelligence

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Campus Cybersecurity

With malicious actors engaging in sneakier, more sophisticated AI-fueled cyberattacks, today’s organizational security teams also find themselves turning to AI-oriented security tools as an extra line of defense and vulnerability

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HP Inc. Bolsters Its Cybersecurity Offerings With New Endpoint Protection

There are tech companies that get cybersecurity, and then there are those who don’t. HP is one of the former, thank goodness, and has proven it time and time again


4 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Cyber Security

It is an unfortunate fact that all businesses are at risk of cybersecurity threats. Many well-known brands, including Amazon and Microsoft, have fallen victim to cybercriminals in recent years. Click

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The most resilient organizations follow outcome-based cybersecurity

As the cyber landscape changes, new threats arise, old threats evolve, and vulnerabilities are constantly putting companies and agencies at risk. The concept of “cybersecurity” has evolved from total defense,

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Monitoring And Preparing For Emerging Coronavirus-Related Cyber Security Threats

The coronavirus is not just a global health crisis – increasingly, it is becoming a cyber security threat as well as more organizations move employees to remote work. Click here

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Organizations not properly set up to manage risk, coronavirus pandemic reveals

Organizations’ current approach to risk governance is not sufficient to tackle the complex risk environment organizations are facing today, according to Gartner. The COVID-19 pandemic is just the latest in a line


Why we need to secure IoT connections sooner than later

IoT products offer many conveniences but there are massive amounts of data being transferred to and from these services vulnerable to attack if left unsecured. In this podcast, Mike Nelson,