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Identity Theft

Hacking still healthcare’s top threat, but insider threats often go unnoticed

More than half of August’s breaches were caused by hacking incidents, while one insider hack went undetected for two years, according to the latest Protenus Breach Barometer.Healthcare is still struggling

IT Compliance

Compliance and Data Privacy Regs that Affect IT Security

 GDPR is the latest compliance and data privacy reg to affect IT security. We list more than a dozen that may affect your organization – along with legal issues and


Legacy networks holding back cloud and digital transformation

A new global survey by Riverbed Technology, which includes responses from 1,000 IT decision makers across nine countries, revealed an incredible level of agreement that legacy infrastructures are holding back


Using security cameras and infrared light to extract data from air-gapped networks

 Researchers have demonstrated that it’s possible for attackers to covertly exfiltrate data from and send data into an air-gapped network by using the infrared light capabilities of (indoor and outdoor)

Industry Insights

AI will change the face of security, but is it still the stuff of sci-fi?

The technology industry has always had a big problem with hype, with marketing teams, analysts and the media alike tending to fixate on the next big thing that will revolutionise

Identity Theft

Data-Centric Security: Protecting What Really Matters

When it comes to data breaches, the question is not if, or even when, your organization’s sensitive information will be stolen; but how often it is happening today? No matter

Industry Insights

Future cyber security threats and challenges: Are you ready for what’s coming?

A new study from The Internet Society shows what influencers around the world expect (and fear) about the future social, business and regulatory impact on cyber security.The world is changing,

Identity Theft

What is a fileless attack? How hackers invade systems without installing software

Cyber criminals don’t need to place malware on your system to get in. Fileless or zero-footprint attacks use legitimate applications or even the operating system.”We see it every day,” says


Why Size Doesn’t Matter in DDoS Attacks

Companies both large and small are targets. Never think “I’m not big enough for a hacker’s attention.”Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have increased, and research shows that on average, a DDoS attack can


Top Tech Vendors Targeted by CCleaner Malware

A cyber-attack revealed this week which spread via popular performance optimization tool CCleaner was designed to target several major technology firms, it has emerged.Updates from both Cisco Talos and Avast