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DMARC Implementation Lags as Email Fraud Surges

As spam dominates email traffic, most domain owners still have not attempted to implement fraud protection through the latest and most complete form of protection, DMARC.DMARC, or Domain-based Message Authentication,


Holiday season scams: Fake deals, fake stores, fake opportunities

Black Friday is widely regarded as the beginning of the US (and increasingly global) Christmas shopping season. Cyber Monday, which comes three days later, was created to persuade people to

IT Compliance

GDPR in plain English

Semantics is rarely a matter of life and death, but a misunderstanding over a couple of words could do serious damage to your business.When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Google admits Android tracks your location whether you like it or not

Smartphones powered by Android were collecting data on their owners’ locations even if service was turned off.Smartphones powered by the Android operating system are collecting data on their owners’ locations


How businesses can unwittingly become launch-pads for malware attacks on clients and partners

In business, reputation is everything. So it is not hard to imagine the conversations that took place inside two law firms when they realised they had potentially become malware hubs


Don’t Spend Your Information This Black Friday

Black Friday is a chaotic time for both consumers and retailers. Customers scramble over one another to get the best deals and collectively spend more and more money each year.

Identity Theft

Uber suffered massive data breach, paid hackers to keep quiet about it

Uber suffered a breach in October 2016, which resulted in the compromise of sensitive information of some 57 million users and drivers, and paid off the hackers to keep mum

Identity Theft

A massive cyber attack hit the Algerian state telecom operator Algerie Telecom

The Algerian state telecom operator Algerie Telecom confirmed on Friday that it was hit by a series of cyber attacks aimed to hack and disrupt its system.The company was able


Six data security questions that every board needs to ask

As data breaches become a constant headline, data security should be a major concern for company boards everywhere. Unless a board member has been hired specifically to provide oversight for

Industry Insights

Only 12% or organizations are likely to detect a sophisticated cyber attack

Organizations believe that today’s cyber threat landscape places them at high risk of cyber attacks. The EY survey of nearly 1,200 C-level leaders of the world’s largest and most recognized