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Identity Theft

Most Expensive Data Breaches Start with Third Parties: Report

Data breaches are expensive, and their growing cost is driving business leaders to allocate more of their IT budgets to cybersecurity. It’s not just fear of incidents driving the investment,

IT Compliance

The Night Before GDPR

As we all know – or should know – by now, the European Union’s GDPR comes into effect tomorrow. If you have not yet noticed the flurry of emails in

Industry Insights

Is the C-suite exempt from cyber-crime anxiety?

If recent cyber-attacks are anything to go by, cyber-criminals are capable of causing colossal damage to organisations of all sizes. With vital public services such as the NHS succumbing to


Solving the problem of insider threats to enterprise cybersecurity

There are many threats to enterprise cyber security with most coming from external threat actors. One of the most overlooked threats that companies are not safe from is insider threats.

Industry Insights

Pressures impacting security pros are up, threats are turning up the heat

Findings show that a majority of IT and cybersecurity professionals experienced increased pressures in 2017 when compared to the previous year, driven largely by a steep rise in sophisticated malware,


Fraud data shows 680% spike in fraudulent mobile app transactions

The number of fraudulent transactions originating from a mobile app during the first quarter has increased by 200 per cent since 2015, according to RSA Security. Analysis from the team


How security pros see the future of cryptocurrencies and cryptomining

“Security teams are fighting a multi-front battle to keep their organizations safe from cybercriminals,” commented Dr. Giovanni Vigna, Lastline and CTO. “The threats range from established attacks, such as ransomware, to


Why Supply Chain Security Should be a Strong Link

The recent NCSC report underlines an all-too-common refrain for UK PLC – the cyber-threat to businesses is growing. The security sector may have grown a thick skin to such warnings, however to


Overlook 5G Security At Your Peril

5G is being hailed as the next big thing in the telecoms world. It’s seen as the enabler for IoT applications such as autonomous vehicles, healthcare solutions, and robotics –


Security spring cleaning: Tidying up messy firewall rules to reduce complexity

Most security teams are waging a daily battle against complex IT infrastructures, advanced malware and a severe skills shortage– a trifecta that has forced them to tackle select “priorities,” while letting